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Video Transcript Ooh, Zubrex the softest of the touches. Ear loop, latex free. Okay. Face mask, not making any claims. Let's open this up. Okay. There's sealing packs of 10, it looks like here.

Let's get this going. Very cloudy spun bond. And that usually is a good sign of not quality material. I think the very, very, very first test mask that we did, we bought fabric from Kenya, because we could not get it from anywhere at the time. And it was very, very cloudy. Because this is like not a super well constructed mass, but it's like the top is like rolled over and there's like this little pocket here. I know you're probably saying I'm nitpicking, but that just shows that like their quality process isn't very good. Their nose wire is not centered. Little things, and I can't even cheat and see if that matters here. This is really breathable though. 7.57 pascals.

This smells like a freshly made papier-mâché volcano. Yep. That's true. Ear loops, oh yeah. If they can come off on your ears like that's not a good sign, but does that matter if it doesn't protect you? I cheated guys. I cheated. Oh, 92.738, 92.738. That is a failure. That was huh?

Oh, pascals was 58.4. So super breathable. But breathability follows filtration, right? Oh the welds didn't look good. So I was like, ah, yeah. Yeah. So Zubrex, the Zumba mask, the officially sponsored Zumba mask. Not the best mask, but the box soft touch a plus.

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