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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Oh, wow. I love hyperbole. The possibilities are endless. The solution is already here. We'll see about that, Sonovia. Wow. Their goal is saving lives and improving quality of life through lasting high-end products with built-in lasting protection. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Well, the packaging's great, but this is a cloth mask, so it's basically hot garbage. They're making a lot of hype on that one. Thank you so much for sending this to me, Joseph. Could use a little fail here. There we go. Like so. All right. I'm going to switch over to this and we will test this mask here. Individually... It looks like it comes with two. All right. The Pro, $59. With a whopping 97% filtration. Efficiency of three micron. Three micron particles? That's what they're claiming.

0.3 or?

Three, three micron. My fist is three microns. 97% of my fist is not going to be able to get through this mask. Wow. That is such horrible dishonest marketing, because everyone says 0.3 micron, which is what this machine tests. But they said three micron. Built in antimicrobial properties. Reusable and washable. These guys are swindlers.

Well, let's see what the test says first. I haven't looked. I want to see this together folks. Ooh. 62.055. I still personally would not trust this mask nor this company, nor would I buy it. That's me personally. My one man's opinion. By choosing to wear the Sonovia mask, you've decided to get the best protection for you and your loved ones... Oh my God. Can you imagine lying this hard to people? How do you sleep at night? No

No mother. No more lies.

Each Sonovia mask replaces hundreds of single use masks. That's would be true if it were true. But here's why this is so absolutely horrible. They put melt blown in this. Yes, we noted that it got a really high filtration. Right? 62%. Very, very high for a cloth mask. That's because this mask is in here. If you were to wash this three times, which they're saying it's a washable mask and that's why it's the last mask you ever need, and yay for the environment. Actually what would happen is this would completely deteriorate and would be totally useless, which is why masks are disposable. Because once this gets any sort of moisture on it totally falls apart. This is the worst, most disingenuous mask I have ever tested in my entire life.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

My opinion. I say that for the legals.

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Do NOT purchase from Sonovia. Mask is decent but I made the mistake of ordering directly from the company. I checked Affirm to pay the amount out. Well Sonovia erroneously kept 3/4 of the money and only sent 1/4 payment to Affirm. Situation got worse from here. Then Sonovia sent me 2 more masks that I didn’t order and didn’t want and expected me to pay for that as well. Of course Affirm backed Sonovia rather than me, the customer.
Awful 2 companies to deal with.

Gail Kreinberg May 17, 2024

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