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USA-Made Surgical Masks
Lynda Mclaughlin
Love these

This pic w cacti are Armbrust Kn95 & surgical one below. I usually only wear the surgical one but was waiting for Uber!! The plain surgical masks by ARMBRUST have kept me safe since Spring 2020..

So Nice I Had to Wear Them Twice

Ever since the start of the pandemic I've purchased all sorts of masks. Most were good, but the truth is that it was hard to find one that I and my family could rely on. Sometimes I'll use two surgical masks when I need to be able to speak to people and still be able to protect myself. The best compliment I can give these masks is that I've ordered the same ones from Armbrust at least 5 times. It also helps that my parents really enjoy wearing these, and they're very picky about which masks they wear. Thank you from a satisfied customer.

The Best

Have been buying ARMBRUST face mask here few times and Are The Best All Around In USA ,Best Quality !!! And Very Good Prices 👍

USA-Made Disposable Face Masks
Fantastic USA made masks!

Throughout the pandemic we not only avoided COVID, we avoided the flu and seasonal colds, so we decided to continue to mask up. These masks are comfortable and give us the confidence that we're adding a layer of protection from airborne germs.

I want to let you know that I still haven't received the package since October 18

Great masks

These are the only ones we buy. Well made here in the USA.


I especially like the nose piece , it is sturdy and comfortable.

When wearing a cloth mask is the only option

My wife is allergic to surgical masks. These PM 2.5 Filters fit nicely into the pocket of her cloth mask. Although coverage is limited to the nose, it doesn’t matter because it’s where normal inhalation occurs.

Does the job

While I still can’t tolerate the ear loops on these masks (slightly less painful than the previous version I bought), the ear saver that was included with my order made it work.

Surgical masks

Thank you....
I just got my order today. Came in a timely manner. Beyond 5 stars

Fits well!

I needed a mask that fit well since I’m about to get in a plane for the first time since late 2018, and I’m nervous about it, especially now that masks aren’t required in airports and on planes. This mask fits beautifully, but since I’m home alone most of the time, I’m not used to having such a string filter. Im finding it impossible to breath…but maybe I’ll feel more secure in the plane wearing this mask. Thank you!

Very happy with these masks!

I had stopped wearing a mask in early 2022 since I'm vaccinated & boosted, and figured I'm "safe." Well I got a nasty case of Covid-19 in early Sept and since I don't want to go through THAT again, I decided it's time to mask-up again (at least while indoors). These 3-ply surgical face masks by Armbrust are just what I was looking for. Great quality, great price, light weight, and as comfortable as a mask can be. Very glad to have discovered them!

My daughter and son wear Armbrust KN95s at school and haven't gotten COVID yet so they must be working. The ear loops are much more comfortable than other masks.

Surgical masks

I'm just restocking till the end of year then I'm good for while.
Mask are beyond 5..stars . Congrats to the new plant u have going up congrats. American made only.....

What a great way to discover your ideal mask! We tried them all and were surprised to settle on the same one. Doesn't have to go that way since there are so many options for types of masks, ways they attach, and the different fits. We created a list and a rating system, and both my husband and I discovered we prefer the over-the-ear straps for comfort and fit. We chose the Armbrust fold for fit and comfort!

Perfect for flying

I wore these masks for full days of travel and they were very comfortable and easy to breathe and speak in. Added bonus that I am officially one of the only people I know who haven't gotten COVID while traveling, and I give credit to these masks. All hail the duck masks.

My absolute favorite mask

Thank you, Lloyd, for the video, which sold me on the Gerson a year ago. Omicron hit and a family member decided "we're all gonna get it," so I had to up my mask game. I use two other N95/N99, but this is my favorite. I am comfortable for hours in the Gerson. Can chase a toddler, hike up a steep hill. Super super breathable. Nose area 10/10 comfy and secure. Sometimes the elastic is not reliable but it's a minor issue. THANKS Lloyd and Gerson.

Quality Masks!

I am an RN and have been purchasing masks from Armbrust for the past two years. I appreciate the excellent quality and the fact that they are made in America. The masks provided by my employer are made in China and have a strong chemical smell, so I refuse to wear them. I highly recommend Armbrust!

Size and material changed

I was very upset with my order. I have been using this brand mask since 2020. However, I was so disappointed about this order. First, the material changed, I can smell cheap plastic when i wear the mask. Second, the size runs much bigger. The ear hood material changed, it makes the mask not tight any more. I understand it is not surgical mask. But I can buy better and more comfortable mask with this price.

Thank you for your thoughtful and honest review. We will make this right!

While we strive to make a perfect mask every time, we do acknowledge sometimes a customer will receive an item that does not live up to our high standards. I have reached out to your private email to further resolve this matter.

Look forward to hearing back!


Comfortable, well-priced N95

I have been wearing these masks daily for a 20-minute walking commute and 8-hour workday since January, and they are the most comfortable facemasks of any kind that I have ever worn. The design holds the mask away from one's nose and mouth to avoid muffled speech or impeded breathing. The head straps stay in place without digging in. I am very pleased with this design. The only improvement that could be made is that the white bendable piece for the bridge of the nose could be better adhered to the mask. It sometimes comes unglued at the edges of either side by the end of the day, but not enough to impair the seal.


The package was dead mailed. I would like a refund or the package resent.

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out with a review. We really appreciate your honest feedback. We will make this right!

While we always want shipping carriers to care for packages properly, unfortunately sometimes they fall short. We are so sorry to hear your box of masks was discarded in transit! I have emailed you privately to continue the conversation.

Looking forward to hearing back!


perfect for professional singers!

These black masks are the answer to my prayers! As a professional singer, I am required to wear a black mask with several choral ensembles. I had been using black masks from other makers but none fit as well as the Armbrust! My Armbrust masks keep me safe as a public school educator so I was THRILLED to see that they finally make an option in black! These masks allow me to use proper technique and don't slip when I open my jaw. They are also MUCH more breathable and don't get as hot and stuffy as those from other manufacturers! The new nose foam is soft and comfortable and keeps my glasses fog free!

Reviewing recent purchase

By far, the quality is good. But lately, the Denim Surgical Masks, the bottom line of the mask is not produced same as previous order (see attached photo). Is that changing the style? or the new mask design? One more thing need to be concerned, I get missing mask upon my order recently, and the shipping carrier always shipped the wrong address, which made me confused. I have to contact Armburst customer service couple of time this year. But thanks to Armburst's quickly respond, I can get the replacement for the missing mask. So, please make it a concern dealing with the carrier.

Finally, a comfortable mask!

I’ve spent the pandemic periodically looking for a respirator mask that fits my face well, gets a good seal, and is actually comfortable. So many masks were too big, the wrong shape, leaked air at the edges, caused annoying glasses fogging, or dug into my face despite all the little fixes I tried. It was miserable wearing any of them for more than a couple minutes. So I didn’t go anywhere fun for 2+ years! But THIS mask? I plan to wear one on a cross-country flight next month. Enough said!

I wore Armbrust KN95's during summer travel to Canada and Italy. Comfortable even on the long flights. I like that they are made in USA-- no odd smell from being transported in a shipping container. Recommended!