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At Armbrust American, our customers are the lifeblood of the business. Whether it’s an appreciation for our mission to return strategic manufacturing to U.S. shores or enthusiasm for our high-quality surgical masks, KidSafe masks, and other PPE — Armbrust American customers aren’t shy about speaking up. Just check out the thousands of five-star reviews!

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Great quality masks!

Never have I had a strap break. I can breathe through the mask as well as the cheaper ones that are too thin. A+ masks and made in the USA.

Glad to hear the masks are fitting well!

Surgical masks

3.20.2023, my 2 pink boxes disposable masks came in thank you..

Glad to hear you received your masks promptly!

My third color!

Wear this every day to visit my dad in the VA nursing home! And here I am on a flight with tons of unmasked youths…I’m a NOVID!

Thank you for your review! Glad to hear the Breathe99 has been keeping you safe!

High quality, good fit, and protects our national interest by being made in the USA

We've tried quite a few brands of face masks for our household of six. Different family members preferred different styles, but this KN95 design suits all of us pretty well, and is what we tend to wear now that we're all vaccinated. (We still mask in 2023 everywhere indoors and public because our household includes high risk individuals.) I like supporting USA mask production, and hope America is never caught as unprepared for a respiratory viral threat again. Even as COVID has become less problematic for average, healthy people, I see no reason why I would ever fly without masking in the airport and during boarding/de-planing again. I've really enjoyed avoiding common colds! We will stock up on this well-fitting, high quality (no broken elastic bands yet) USA made product, in part because even the larger boxes include individually wrapped masks that will stay clean for future use. My only, very small complaint: I wish I could get a mixed pack of colors in the 540 mask quantity. If I'm going to mask, I prefer one in a cheerful color!

Thank you for your review, and your feedback! Your support means so much.

Love these!

These fit me well and are well-priced. Shipping & delivery went well.

Thank you for your review! Glad to hear the delivery got to you quickly.

N95 masks

I have asthma. These masks are not sitting on my nose and allow me to breathe better with it on than the accordion type.

Thank you for your review! We are glad to hear the masks are fitting well.

Armbrust USA-Made KN95 Mask
Mary Catherine Stoddard
Comfort & Breathability!

This mask is very comfortable to wear. Very breathable. It also fits farther under the chin & that seems to help with the comfortability of it.

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear the masks are hitting the face perfectly for you!

Breathe Long and Prosper

Reporting from the medical field and having tried numerous other disposable and reusable mask systems, I find that the Breathe99 is a superiorly designed and functioning mask. It is compact, light, good looking and durable. The mask is easily carried when not worn. To date, since my first Breathe99 usage in early 2021, my practical real world n = 1 experiment has proven to be effective.

Thank you so much for your thorough review! We are proud to provide a mask as quality as the Breathe99.

Useful, necessary, and convenient

Your masks are very useful in preventing contagion, even since the worst of the pandemic has, hopefully, passed. The elastic ear loops make them easy to use, and in fact I have found a bonus function for them. I wear glasses all the time, and my current pair has occasionally fallen off my face when I bend down. To prevent that, when I put them on I pass the arms through the upper part of the elastic ear loop. This holds them on very efficiently and without discomfort.

Thank you for your review!

good mask

This mask works great for smaller faces, i.e. women. The masks are comfortable and easy to breathe in. It is handy that they are individually wrapped; makes it easy to put one in your purse, console, etc.

Thank you for your review! Happy to hear the masks are fitting well.

Love the masks

I love the fit, they’re breathable and the fact that they are made in America

Thank you for your review of our USA-Made Surgical Masks! We're glad to hear that you're pleased with the fit and breathability.


Seals well, flexible, easy to breathe in, definitely one of my favorite masks. The plastic packaging it comes in isn't fully sealed, which feels like a waste of plastic packaging however.

Image ID: a picture of a mask in its individual packaging, with a hole in the packaging visible

Yay! They’re back!

I was SO thrilled to find out that the Breathe99 masks were available again and that the replacement covers in different colors were also being sold. (I have the black, and always wanted a blue). This is the mask I feel most confident in when I am in a higher-risk environment like a grocery store or theatre, because of its design and good fit. You really can adjust it so it doesn’t steam up your glasses. And I think it has the bonus of looking great. I’m so glad they kept the blue overlay color, and I like the woven texture. All in all, I’m really happy with my purchase. I think it’s well worth the investment. Replacement parts were easy to order and arrived very quickly. Finally, I do like the fact that this product is made in the USA, and designed to be more sustainable over time. Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying the Breathe99 masks - they're perfect for high-risk environments like grocery stores and theaters. The blue overlay color is really popular, and we love the woven texture of the mask. The mask is made in the USA and is designed to be more sustainable over time. We're glad to hear that the replacement parts were easy to order and arrived quickly. Thanks for your positive review!

Too small

I wear a regular size in all masks I wear. These are ok until I talk. They instantly get pulled down and don’t fit anymore. They are too short from top to bottom. My glasses also slip down when not talking. I’ll have to keep looking for a new mask. I was excited to buy from the US. Picture is of me talking then snapped. Pulled glasses down with mask and loses good fit of mask. I’d like to return the others.

Love the smaller (kids) KN-95

The smaller mask fits better and is more comfortable to wear for long periods, like airplane flights. Very soft, too.

Thank you for your review!

We are proud to produce masks that are both protective and comfortable for long flights!

My go to mask

I use Armbrust masks because I trust the level of protection. I first purchased these during the height of the pandemic, and I've stuck with them ever since. I am around a lot of people due to work (in an education setting) and to decrease my chances of getting sick or spreading anything to anyone else, I use these masks. I still wear them in crowded places and in the metro, although the pandemic has died down. They are comfortable to wear for a long time and are well made. I like that they are made in the U.S. I recommend.

Thank you for your kind words, and for your continued support!

Valentine's Sampler...Love keeps others safe!!!

What a delightful Valentine! I received the Armbrust sampler for Valentine's day! Not your ordinary sampler of chocolates or candy...when I pulled back the cute stickers and tissue paper, a variety of masks appeared! Respirators, duckbill, surgical...even child sized are part of a wide selection of masks in this sampler. A fit guide helped me to choose the best mask and a promo code means that I can afford to buy them.Best part? These masks are extremely high quality and made in the USA, which means jobs for fellow Americans! I liked this sampler so much that I re iewed it on my award winning podcast, CONVERSATIONS WITH DAWN KARIMA, and named Armbrust as the sponsor of the 2/15/23 episode!

Thank you for your kind words!

Our sampler kit is filled with 10 surgical masks, 10 N95 masks, and two sizes of KN95 masks! A sweet gift, indeed!

The best

The best mask that ever bought. It is comfortable to use all day. I will recommend this!!!

Thank you for your review!

Great masks

Thanks for making great masks breathable and love all the colors

We are happy to hear you are enjoying your breathable and protective masks!

Damaged Box Sale - N95 Respirators
Gregory Miegl
Best money I have spent on PPE!

I expected the boxes to arrive in similar condition to the picture above. I was pleasantly surprised to see only light creasing in the outside packaging. The masks inside are in perfect condition and my only regret is that I didn't order more. The regular price of these on this website was $79.95. Amazon wanted $99.95!!! I paid $24.95! It was like buying one box and getting 3 free. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Right now I am waiting for the three Elastomeric masks I ordered. I'm confident they will more than meet my expectations as well. Great job! Great masks! Great protection!

Armbrust USA-Made KN95 Mask
Madeleine Drapeau

These masks are SO much nicer than the ones I had been purchasing from a different source. LOVE the fact that they are individually wrapped. It protected them when the box was crushed during delivery! So glad I set up a monthly delivery for these! Thanks, guys! Great JOB!

Thank you for your support!

We are proud to manufacture protective masks individually wrapped, so you can be sure of their sterility!

Best Overall Value

All of the N95 masks I tried ended up turning the bridge of my nose red and it was painful. So I purchased the Armbrust variety pack and wore each for one day. Taking price, protection, comfort, and my sensitive skin into consideration, the Aegle masks were my favorite. Combined with eyeglasses and a face shield, I'm ready to enjoy a football game in a crowded stadium filled with cheering fans. You can't go wrong with an Armbrust mask, but these Aegle masks are a really good deal. And they're Made in the USA.

Glad to hear these Aegle N95s fit so well!

Great value!

I love the kids masks because I have a small face and they fit me well. They also come in color choices that I can match to my uniform at work. The "damaged" boxes were minimally damaged as you can see in the photo - please excuse my kitchen counter! Thank you Armbrust for keeping me in high quality masks that I still have to wear to work everyday.

Always good quality

I have purchased masks here many times. The quality is always good.

Thank you for your continued support, and for leaving us this review!

Damaged Box Sale - N95 Respirators
ACI damaged box

Bought two of the boxes of ACI masks in the damaged box sale. Both of the boxes had very minor cosmetic damage. All of the masks were still pristine inside the boxes. Incredible deal to stock up on masks. The Armbrust YouTube review of the ACI masks is pretty much on point and was the reason I decided to try them. A little less breathable than other masks I've used (this was in the review), but they form a nice tight seal around the face and nose.

Glad you are satisfied with the quality masks at these discounted rates!