The Better Mask High Filtration System: ASTM F3502


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With the Better Mask High Filtration System, you'll never have to compromise comfort or safety when masking-up.

With the Omicron Variant on the rise, a properly fitted mask is essential.  Combining the seal of an FTM mask brace with Armbrust filters, the Better Mask High Filtration System is the best solution for protecting yourself, your coworkers, and your fellow travelers in this the new normal.  

The FTM mask fitter has a nose cushion that applies light pressure for a superior fit with minimal leakage for any face shape, while the filtration provided by the Armbrust filter provides a 98% filtration of particles as small as .01 micron.

Each Better Mask Kit includes one reusable FTM Essential Mask Brace and 30 Armbrust ASTM Level-3 filters. 


  • Nose Cushion: Patent-pending bristles maximize comfort by allowing the brace to contour to the face with minimal pressure. Also they minimize glasses fogging!

  • Different Sizes:  Because not everyone has the same shaped nose. Offering size small, medium, and large. 

  • Double-strap: Because there's nothing worse than sore ears. We've added extra grip to the head strap, so it won't slip. And the adjustable neck strap ensures a secure fit.

  • Reusable: This isn't a one-time use solution. After use, wash it with soap and water, pat it dry, and it's ready to go again.

Returns: For sanitization reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final.

Mask Brace

The three most important things to consider when choosing a mask are:

Fit: How well does the mask seal?

Filtration: What level of protection does the mask provide?

Comfort: How long can you wear the mask?

F2502 Mask

The Better Mask High Filtration System is F3502 Compliant

Customer Reviews

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Dana H.
Love this mask! Breathable and

Love this mask! Breathable and feels better and not flimsy like regular surgical masks! I recommend these.

David L.
I have a large face,

I have a large face, and this mask provides adequate coverage, with the Fix The Mask face hugger -- just barely. As you can see from the picture, there is minimal margin at the edge and top, but it does fit with perfect coverage. Getting the face hugger to fit properly takes a little practice. Think of it as yawning open wide enough to accommodate your mouth and nose -- it needs to be pulled down from the bottom, and pulled up from the top. My top strap needs to ride high, and the bottom needs to be snug -- I tie a knot in back to keep it from slipping. Then, I need to point the fingers either side of my nose down, and keep the bridge high. Once I get it right, though, it stays with little or no further fussing for hours, even through workouts, house remodeling, etc. It does take 30 seconds to get it right, even with practice, but: No leaks around any edges, and the filtration of the Armbrust masks is simply the best there is.

Tatsuya Y.
The Armbrust surgical mask with

The Armbrust surgical mask with its proven high filtration paired with the Fix The Mask Essential Brace is an unbeatable and winning combo. For your mask to be protective, getting a leak-free seal is critical. With the FTM brace, you can be assured that your mask is always well sealed. Once you learn how to put it on, it is easy and you get for all intents and purposes, a fool proof seal (with an N95 respirator, you have to fiddle with it everytime you put it on). There is a video on YouTube in which a worker safety official from WVU did a fit test with a surgical mask and the FTM brace and got a fit factor score of over 200. Pretty much means no leakage no matter how you move your head. Combine that with the Armbrust ASTM 3 surgical mask that has been tested at way over 95% filtration efficiency, you are getting N95 level protection for less cost in the long run. Made in the U.S.A so you can be confident the quality is there for every single mask.

Jerry B.
My wife and I both

My wife and I both ordered a box set of the ArmbrustUSA "Better Mask High Filtration System". We received the order just in time for our flights on United and American Airlines from Indianapolis to Kansas City, MO. We were very impressed with the quality of your mask system. The "Fix the Mask" brace system is brilliant. It holds the face mask firmly in place and snugs the mask up tight so it seals against the face. It was very comfortable (as much as any face diaper is comfortable to wear!) and gave us good protection during the flight. We were even asked by the American Airlines employee at the check-in counter, "Where did you get those face masks?" We gave her the website and she said she was very interested in ordering a set! We definitely give this product 5-stars!

Great Videos


Thank you for your kind words!

Erin M.
Mask Brace and ASTM3 surgical masks

Great quality surgical mask, half of my supply got stolen (rare in my area), probably due to the quality at first glance. The mask brace is very convenient and works well with any type of mask that I am issued.

Anthony M.
The ear strings are always

The ear strings are always braking the glue isn’t strong enough!

David S.
Comfortable and a firm fit

Comfortable and a firm fit

Bruce W.
This is just what I

This is just what I have been looking for, a surgical mask made in the USA. I wish you had more n95s. Everytime I try to order them they are out of stock.

Gaynelle S.
I’ve never had a problem

I’ve never had a problem with your mask; I’ve ordered hundreds in the past. The mask included with the filtration system we’re stained with some type of black substance. I’m not sure if it is mold or foreign matter. The mask also loosened and expanded like an accordion, which lead to an improper fit. I’m not wearing them so I wasted money on a product not fit for use.