The Better Mask High Filtration System



With the Better Mask High Filtration System, you'll never have to compromise comfort or safety when masking-up.

America is opening back up again. With air travel, conferences, and workplaces returning, The Better Mask Kit is the best solution for protecting yourself, your coworkers, and your fellow travelers as you enter the new normal.  

The three most important things to consider when choosing a mask are:

Fit: How well does the mask seal?

Filtration: What level of protection does the mask provide?

Comfort: How long can you wear the mask?

By combining the superior filtration of an Armbrust filter with the customizable seal provided by an FTM Essential Brace, The Better Mask is a marriage of form and function designed to provide comfortable, high-level filtration with a better seal around the face. 

The brace's patent-pending nose cushion applies light pressure for a superior fit with minimal leakage for any face shape, while the filtration provided by the Armbrust filter provides a 98% filtration of particles as small as .01 micron.

Each Better Mask Kit includes one reusable FTM Essential Mask Brace and 30 Armbrust ASTM Level-3 filters.