USA-Made Medical Masks

N95, Surgical & Face masks made in Austin, TX

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  • Medical-grade N95, Surgical and protective face masks designed, developed and produced end-to-end in America (Austin, TX)

  • Each fully-automated assembly line produces 120 masks per minute

  • Vertically integrated factory takes raw US-Made Polypropylene and transforms it into surgical and N95 masks

  • Sterile production facility

  • 1.6 Billion mask annual production capacity 


THere's a problem in America

There's no question that the United States is the most powerful country in world. But in the past 20 years we have taken our eye off the ball. Strategic manufacturing from our smart phones to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) have left our shores, and since the beginning of 2020, we have seen the worst-case scenario play out. From physicians to our local police forces, our heroes on the front line are without the proper defenses that they need. And we are at the mercy of another country who's focused on making as much money as possible during this crisis. 

  • Our critical and strategic supply chains are controlled by China, which leaves us powerless and at risk.

  • Skyrocketing prices are fueling production and sales of dangerous counterfeit products.

  • Americans are tired of being lied to and stolen from, and the current crisis is putting us all in danger too.

It's time to change that and it starts with you.


An American Solution 

We built an automated factory near Austin, TX that is already producing millions of masks, and scaling to produce billions. In a few short months, our masks can be made for nearly the same price as masks made in China, so that Americans don't have to choose between Made-in-America quality and price. We will achieve this by combining automation, vertical integration and American grit. 


Help us bring manufacturing back to America. 


Contact us below for more information. 


Do you need donations?

Armbrust USA and our patrons are here to help! If you or someone you know is in need of masks please let us know!

  3813A Helios Way 

Building B Suite 290 
  Pflugerville, TX 78660

Tel: (512) 807-0744

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