How a nearshoring partner helped us scale our American-made products

During the height of the pandemic we were faced with a serious issue, demand was so intense that all our hiring efforts had to be focused on on manufacturing arm, to the detriment of the departments handling marketing, finance, and software engineering. 

Don't get me wrong, massive demand is usually a good problem to have, but we knew that unless we figured out how to get the right people to grow our other departments our entire company would suffer.

That's why was such a huge help to us. We'd been burned by staffing agencies in the past, but Howdy's model of allowing us to recruit and manage folks directly proved to be a game changer.

As an American-made manufacturing brand we were skeptical. How would we hire developers Latin America? Would they work for us or with us? Would it work at all? 

Turns out it worked great, because we quickly found out that the combination of high calibre of talent, reasonable price point, and having that staff in a similar time zone made the whole recruitment process easy.

We started by hiring two book-keepers to help us manage our finances through Quickbooks, followed by a Shopify engineer to help customize our website.  That engineer came with expertise in every part of our e-commerce tech stack including our logistics software Shipstation and our email marketing platform Klaviyo. That single staff addition paid for itself almost immediately. 

Finally we onboarded a top notch graphic designer out of Argentina, who enabled us to quickly and efficiently update our branding and create a new product catalog.

We highly recommend Howdy as a partner.  They helped us find great employees, and truly helped us thrive amidst a chaotic time at our company.