Gerson 3230 N95 Respirator (Duckbill)



Gerson began as a small manufacturing outfit more than 60 years ago in Boston, MA.  Today, Gerson distinguishes itself as a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of a full range of air-purifying respirators, from filtering facepieces to half-mask to full face respirators, all products of outstanding design and value. Filtering facepiece respirators for example, such as various styles of N95 respirators, have been produced in Middleboro, MA since 1985 on unique, high-speed equipment of our own design and construction, incorporating our own melt-blown filter material to provide high-performing filtration with exceedingly comfortable breathing characteristics.

If you watch our video review these masks do have a rubber smell at first due to the headbands. The smell dissipates fairly quickly, but want you to be aware. 

Made in Middleboro, MA
NIOSH Certification: TC-84A-9285
50 masks per box
Duckbill / Headstrap

Product Description

  • Quantity: 1 Box (50 N95 Respirators per box)
  • Model Name: 3230
  • Sizes: One Size
  • Product Features
    • This respirator has been approved as a NIOSH N95 filtering facepiece respirator, for use in healthcare settings, as a Surgical N95 Respirator conforming to recognized standards for biocompatibility, flammability, and fluid resistance
    • The respirator has an extremely low breathing resistance of 4.1 mm H2O inhalation and 5.1 mm exhalation, so you’ll hardly notice that you are wearing an N95 respirator 
    • Durable outer layer and super-soft liner - Made to withstand hardworking environments while providing all-day comfort 
    • Compact Folded Pouch Style mask for easy storage; Individually wrapped for cleanliness 
    • Synthetic rubber head straps designed for a comfortable and secure tension profile and extended life 
    • Latex Free, Staple free construction 
  • Manufacturer 
    • GERSON® has been manufacturing NIOSH Approved, FDA cleared respirators for more than 35 years.
    • ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer of respiratory protective devices
    • Manufactured in Middleboro, MA U.S.A.
  • CDC NIOSH TC-84A-9285
  • Dimensions: 9.25” X 3.5”

Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of N95 masks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
My absolute favorite mask

Thank you, Lloyd, for the video, which sold me on the Gerson a year ago. Omicron hit and a family member decided "we're all gonna get it," so I had to up my mask game. I use two other N95/N99, but this is my favorite. I am comfortable for hours in the Gerson. Can chase a toddler, hike up a steep hill. Super super breathable. Nose area 10/10 comfy and secure. Sometimes the elastic is not reliable but it's a minor issue. THANKS Lloyd and Gerson.

Sarah J M
Finally, a comfortable mask!

I’ve spent the pandemic periodically looking for a respirator mask that fits my face well, gets a good seal, and is actually comfortable. So many masks were too big, the wrong shape, leaked air at the edges, caused annoying glasses fogging, or dug into my face despite all the little fixes I tried. It was miserable wearing any of them for more than a couple minutes. So I didn’t go anywhere fun for 2+ years! But THIS mask? I plan to wear one on a cross-country flight next month. Enough said!

Vicki G

Very comfortable and breathable. I wear masks when I teach exercise indoors. This mask fits well and doesn't impair ability to work out. I appreciate the videos that compared the various helped me choose this mask after trying several other masks. I do like to wash masks (Ameritech is washable) and this one cannot be washed because the nose clip dislodges and falls out. I have plenty of masks, now, so no longer need to wash them! (I used the washed masks for less "risky" environments, such as outdoors or for limited indoor use with not many people and less than 10 minutes exposure.) While some had an initial scent, I haven't noticed it in the last few I've used, and, certainly, the sent disappears immediately upon use.

Francesca Coronado
Gerson 3230 Duck Bill

Great fit, breathability no oder, but one strap broke after 1st use. My head's not big, so bit disappointed, but will buy again.

Thank you

Can't take picture - no cell, smart phone

Joan Cutuly
mask odor

While this mask was more comfortable than most, the odor was not hypoallergenic and did not go away, even after I'd aired out the mask for a week. These masks are worthless to me. Glad I only ordered the minimum number.

Thank you for leaving this thoughtful review. We will be sure to make this right!

We take pride in our mask construction and hypoallergenic status, but on occasion a mask in transit can overheat causing the adhesive to give off a strong odor. These strong summer-time temperatures have been very high indeed! I have reached out to you privately via email to resolve this matter together.

Look forward to hearing back,


Ted Johnson
Just what I've been looking for!

This mask works very well with both types of hearing aids I wear (regular behind-the-ear and also a bone-anchored). With this combination of hearing aids the behind the ear type mask just did not work - either one hearing device or the other would come off with the mask. No problem with this design. It is also comfortable and withstands hours of yard work.

William Hawkins
Great mask, best I’ve worn.

My Dad found the reviews on this site and we both bought these and love them. Wore them on a trip to Africa, 30ish hours on planes and airports; even slept with them.— very breathable.. They are not super easy on off, especially out of wrapper. It’s a 2hand operation; .. I try to pre-stretch the bands in the middle to prevent pulling one off the mask (done that 2-3 times, mostly in-a-hurry but 1strap is still functional though less so). With care very little leakage out top to fog glasses.

patrick richardson
Would have returned if i could have

I bought an American manufactured mask hoping i will get a better N95 than most of the other name brands. The reviews had me hopeful.
* As mentioned in several other reviews, the straps break easily, sometimes when putting them on for the first time.
* There is no rigidity. When breathing hard, the fabric is sucked into your mouth.
* I could not get a good seal to keep my glasses from fogging up.

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out with a review. We really appreciate your honest feedback. We will make this right!

While we strive to make the safest and most reliable masks possible, sometimes a box of masks will have defective aspects. We are so sorry the ear loops on your recent Gerson N-95 box have failed! I have reached out to you privately to handle this personally.

Looking forward to hearing back!


Anne Criddle
Packaging great - fit not as good as others

I love the fact that the Gerson N-95s are individually packaged, and that the loops are quite sturdy. However, the nose wire isn't as long as in Prestige Ameritech's ProGear N95 masks, which fit more securely around my nose - I can tell because my glasses fog up with the Gerson's, and never with ProGear. The loops in the ProGear masks are far less sturdy and break much sooner than the Gerson's, but the tighter more secure fit is more important to me than longevity of use.

Maureen Dunne

My favorite!