Armbrust USA-Made KN95 Mask


Color: Purple
Masks Per Box:

The only 100% American-Made KN95 available.

(Small KN95  masks ship in kids packaging...but are a great choice for smaller faced adults.)

Our USA-KN95 masks are constructed in the US with 100% American-made materials. 

KN95 masks are an incredibly popular respirator design. The cone shape provides a tighter seal than surgical masks, while many find the ear loops more comfortable than the head straps found on traditional cup-style N95 masks.

It's a good design, but after testing hundreds of KN95s that we bought on Amazon, we consistently found that the most popular ones don’t even follow the Chinese safety standards they're based on -- with almost half failing the most important 95% protection standard. 

People deserve a high quality, American-made KN95 that has been tested to exceed the highest safety standards — but since it didn’t exist, we made it.

Made in USA
KN95: GB-2626-2019
20 masks per box
Cone Shape / Earloops

Mask Coverage Area

Regular KN95 size

Certificate of Conformity

Material Composition 

  • Outer Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Filter: Meltblown non-woven electrostatic-charged 3 layers

  • Inner Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Nose Clip: Adjustable double-wire and nose foam for comfort.

  • Earloops: Two-strap cloth elastic headband


  • Description: KN95 Non-Powered Air Purifying Particle Respirator 

  • KN95 Registration Number: GB-2626-2019 

  • Part Number: USA-KN95

  • 20 KN95 Respirators per box

Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of KN95 masks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 608 reviews

I especially like the nose piece , it is sturdy and comfortable.

Fits well!

I needed a mask that fit well since I’m about to get in a plane for the first time since late 2018, and I’m nervous about it, especially now that masks aren’t required in airports and on planes. This mask fits beautifully, but since I’m home alone most of the time, I’m not used to having such a string filter. Im finding it impossible to breath…but maybe I’ll feel more secure in the plane wearing this mask. Thank you!

Javier Lazaro

The package was dead mailed. I would like a refund or the package resent.

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out with a review. We really appreciate your honest feedback. We will make this right!

While we always want shipping carriers to care for packages properly, unfortunately sometimes they fall short. We are so sorry to hear your box of masks was discarded in transit! I have emailed you privately to continue the conversation.

Looking forward to hearing back!


Donna Wrubel
Comfortable trusted and affordable

I always buy these made in the USA, over the ears masks. I love the gray ones. The most economical too!

Lindsey Taucher let
Great college move in gift

So good to have this option to start our college student off with. Thanks for all the tire choices :-)

Steven Tomsik
Great mask, poor quality ear loops

I bought these masks after using a full box that was gifted to me. I loved the first box… excellent filtration, very comfortable to wear all day (I’m a teacher), and the fit is far superior to other KN95s. I also love that they’re made in the US. But in the second box, I’ve had three masks fail because the ear loops frayed and snapped almost immediately. If it were just one mask, I’d chalk it up to a fluke, but three? And we just opened the box. Hopefully we won’t have more like this. We’re tying the elastic material so we can still use them, but that makes the ear loop too tight. I’m assuming we just got a bad batch, because this didn’t happen at all in the last one.

Thank you for your thoughtful and honest review. We will make this right!

While we strive to make a perfect mask every time, we do acknowledge sometimes a customer will receive an item that does not live up to our high standards. I have reached out to your private email to further resolve this matter.

Look forward to hearing back!


Elizabeth H.
Since omicron hit, I have

Since omicron hit, I have been double masking when I am registering clients at weekly vaccination clinics. I have been wearing a store-bought KN95 under an Armbrust surgeon';s mask. When my Armbrust KN95s arrived, I traded in the store-bought KN95 for the Armbrust KN95. The difference in ease of breathing was amazing. The mask fits more snugly, but comfortably, and my glass don';t fog under the required face shield I wear. My comfort level is much improved. The Armbrust KN95 masks are much higher quality than we can get on Amazon or at Walmart.

Michael C.
Very well made mask. Super

Very well made mask. Super sturdy nose wire. Fits wider faces. The straps can pull a bit on my ears but with an ear saver I get a better fit and seal. Expecting these to be harder to come by as Omicron surges so I subscribed.

diana M.
My Favorite Product!

I love the KN95 mask because it fits perfectly, and there are no gaps. Also, the ear loops are very comfortable too. Now, if I could get this in black please?

Leilani C.
We buy all our masks

We buy all our masks from Armburst. USA made, we trust this company and their masks.
We buy their kn95, and n95 masks.
They are all very breathable and the inside foam nose bridge makes them comfortable, as well as providing a great fit!
I';ve even given them to friends to wear. They love them too!
We buy these masks for protection from covid virus, and the flu. We also all wear them while providing personal care to my elderly father.
I have recently had a big change to my immune system and I believe these masks are helping me to stay healthy.
My husband also wears them while out on his riding lawn mower. Wearing the masks has helped with allergens from our grass and trees.
In all seriousness, we both often forget we still have our masks on....they are that comfortable!!
We are sold on Armburst masks!