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Help us bring strategic manufacturing back to the United States. 
U.S. manufacturing is at a crossroads, and an investment in Armbrust American can turn the tide for the good of everyone in the country.


Armbrust American has partnered with Wefunder, a Kickstarter-like platform focused on investing. Now you can buy a small part of Armbrust American. And if we do well, so will you.
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Commonly Asked Questions:

Why bother raising funding/crowdfunding from individual investors? 
We are doing this because we need our customers to be our champions. There's so much pressure to buy from a foreign companies to save a few pennies that we need your help to spread our message. The best part is that it's working. Already, new investors are introducing us to small rural hospitals and city governments that we never would have known about without these connections. Our secret weapon is our customer investors.

Do Investor Perks stack? 
Yes. Every perk includes the lower perks.

When will I receive the Investor Bonuses if I invest with your company?
For investor bonuses (such as a free 50-pack of masks, 20% off products, factory visits, and swag), we are waiting until we hit the SEC REG-C limit of $1,070,000 before "soft closing" the round and giving out bonuses. The rest is not because we are cheap, but because it's a lot of work to make sure all of our investors are taken care of, and we want to do it in one batch.

Is there any risk associated with gaining regulatory approval of N95 masks?
There's always risk, and we've had to go back and forth several times with the federal agencies involved. That said, the officials we’ve encountered have been great to work with and obviously want to see more production of N95 here in the USA. Armbrust American, will however, keep our investors updated on any major developments in regards to approval.

Are the funds raised via Wefunder intended to purchase the same pool of machines as the prior $5M investment? Or are these a different pool of machines?
WeFunder investments will go towards a different pool and different machines. This is actually good for you, the WeFunder investor, because Armbrust is using that money to purchase machines for brand new product lines, such as a N95 machines, PM 2.5 filter machine, Surgical mask machine with Polypropylene head ties, Isolation gowns (level 3), Surgical gowns (level 3-4), Disposable coveralls, Medical Cap and head coverings, and Clean room Shoe covers.

If the company is sold, at what valuation is the promissory note converted into equity?
The note is capped at $25M, with a 20% discount on whatever the valuation is.

Who are the investors included in the initial $5 million raised?
All of the other investors are previous investors from founder Lloyd Armbrust’s previous company, OwnLocal Inc.

How long is the typical life expectancy of the machine?
It depends on the machine. Generally in manufacturing it’s an estimated 20-50 years, but that timeframe could be longer or shorter depending on what you’re producing. In our factory complex, there’s a printer using rebuilt machines from the 1970s. It really depends on the market and what people are buying. By participating in WeFunder you are also not just buying “one machine” but a pool of machines that reduces this risk and extends the timeline.

Other than masks, what other products do you manufacture?
Masks are just the beginning. We’ve already expanded our product offerings to include PM 2.5 filters using our proprietary meltblown filter material, and plan to diversify with other products using the same materials. Those include (but are not limited to): child-size surgical masks, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, disposable coveralls, medical caps & head coverings, and clean room shoe covers.

How will the business outlook be impacted once the pandemic ends?
Armbrust American built its business outlook based on pre-pandemic market research. In other words, the business strategy for success is already based on a non-pandemic economic environment. Armbrust first approached the business opportunity by negotiating and securing long term deals with state and national governments, hospitals, and small clinics who were using Surgical Masks before the pandemic. But just to reiterate for clarity one last time: THIS COMPANY IS NOT A PANDEMIC RESPONSE COMPANY. For a more detailed response, see this previous WeFunder update.

What criteria are you using to determine future products to manufacture in the U.S.?
There are a number of factors, but specifically Armbrust is looking for products that…

(1) ...can be produced using fabric made from our in-house spunbond and meltblown machines -- by vertically integrating we can control quality and produce cheaper than anyone else on the market

(2) ...have not been traditionally produced in the United States, specifically where these products used to require labor but now can be automated using new technology

(3) ...benefit from regulation, specifically in the medical field and regulation from the FDA as this is an investment and barrier to entry from other competition.

(4) ...can be made with automation requiring technologies that now have expertise around including clean room operation, pneumatics, and sonic welding.


See Our Investor FAQs on WeFunder for additional information.


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