The Gerson Companies - Mask Testing

The Gerson Companies produces NIOSH and CE approved respiratory devices and is based in the USA.  

Today, Gerson® distinguishes itself as a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of a full range of air-purifying respirators, from filtering facepieces to half-mask to full face respirators, all products of outstanding design and value. Filtering facepiece respirators for example, such as various styles of N95 respirators, have been produced in Middleboro, MA since 1985 on unique, high-speed equipment of our own design and construction, incorporating our own melt-blown filter material to provide high-performing filtration with exceedingly comfortable breathing characteristics. Other respiratory products are produced in overseas assembly operations exclusive to Gerson, again using Gerson-owned and designed equipment, as well as our US-made melt blown filters, to remain globally competitive. Middleboro, MA is also the production site of Gerson paint strainers and tack cloths, all produced on our proprietary automated equipment to our exacting quality standards that deliver consistent user value.

Origin Product Name Manufacturer Style Type PFE Breathability Grade