Filtr95 Sealing Face Mask

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript All right. So, some crazy person sent me an entire box of the filter, these KN95. The filter is... Well, I guess that's Costco that's how they, I guess he really took me literally when I was like, send me the whole box. They sent me the whole box, because it's a Costco thing. Right? So, filter is Costco's brand. Okay. This is so weird because they don't say KN95 on the box. They don't say it here. They say filter 95. But on here, the test standard is GB26, 26-2019, which is the same thing. This machine is meant to test. That is the KN95. Let's open this up. Let's get this in the clapper. And then we'll talk about this weird mask. All right, let's get it going. And we are testing. Let's try this thing on

Whoa, good night. Oh my gosh. Oh, that is horrible. This smells like Nana's basement. Nana get a dehumidifier. Trust me. You're going to ruin your couches down there. That's not good. I don't know. I mean, they were sealed. They were sealed in a box. I think maybe that's how they smell. I don't know. All right. Let's try the ear loops. [inaudible 00:01:31]. Wow, that's really... See? that's hilarious. I like breathed on that thing and it fell off. Okay. This is hilarious. I see. These are the worst ear loops I've ever seen. I'm just like watch, let's see. That's hilarious. These are really bad. Wow. Okay. But does that matter if it doesn't protect you, let's look at the clamper or let's look at the screen and see, okay, well they at least have good fabric. 99.95 and 122.4 pascals. Pretty good on that construction. Not so good. Smell horrible. I wouldn't use it. I know you're going to say Lloyd you're bitter because Costco passed you. Maybe we'll never know that psychological stuff goes real deep. Doesn't it?

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