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Video Transcript Yes, the Cool Flow. When I was moving in the pandemic, this is the mask I was using. Actually, I was using the Cool Flow, the 8511. I was way off. So you can buy this at Home Depot. Great packaging. This is the OG mask. Right? And they have stepped it up. All right, let's open it up. Thanks, Paolo. Appreciate it. Does the new clamper have a name? It does have a name. It does. Thank you for asking. Now let's get this in the clamp. I've got two, so I can put one on my face and test this. So 3M and that Milwaukee one were such good quality exterior products that it makes it really hard to... This nose wire is crazy. It's just bananas. You could build a house out of this nose wire. It's so strong.

I have to take it off though, to get the test to work correctly. And this one does have a valve, which is going to make it easier for you to breathe, but is not recommended if you were in a COVID situation. Because while sharing is caring, not with COVID, shouldn't do it. All right. Test is going. Basically, this allows the breathing to come in, to make it easier. It's why they call it the Cool Flow mask. But what it doesn't do is when you exhale like that, you're exhaling out that. So if you were to have COVID, you would be spreading that. That wouldn't be very nice. That wouldn't be very nice at all. See, 3M, that's very tight, but this nose wire is ridiculous. 3M always has this smell. 3M, remember, they're a glue company, right? [inaudible 00:02:05] they started. And their masks smell like glue.

In fact, I'm going to call this mask Smells Like 3M's Original Glue Recipe is what I'm going to call that. Good fit. I feel like this is going to protect me. I can feel the airs coming out when I blow out. So it's going to release a lot of the hot air for me, which is good because this is a very hot style. Matter of fact, they call this cotton, they call it hot cotton. I don't know if that's why. That smell, I feel like I'm going to... I would have to air this thing out before using this. It doesn't matter if it doesn't protect you. Let's see what the test says. 99.787 and 74 pascals. That's the Cool Flow, right? Because actually, wait. If it's sucking in... Oh, no. It's not getting an advantage on that. Yeah. So that's just really good fabric, which 3M is a... Before Wall Street, 3M was basically a science-based company. Now, not so much. They're more of a quarterly numbers type company, but they make a great product.


The 3M 8511 Cool Flow N95 Respirator is a white cup-style mask. It has a valve to aid breathability, but you’ll want to keep that closed for protection against Covid-19. The fit and fabric receive high marks, but you will have to contend with a glue smell characteristic of all 3M masks. This mask filters an incredible amount of particulates (99.79%), and it offers excellent breathability, thanks to an airflow resistance score of 74 pascals. Made in Mexico and available from The Home Depot.

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