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Video Transcript We have the Sckoogh, that's not how you say it, KN95 mask, model KN95-01-01, the first of the first people. Let's see, this is made by the Jiangsu Feng Ai Medical Technology Co.

All right, so this is not a KN95. Wait, oh, rewind that beautiful bean footage, this is very weird. So this may be a KN95, so they have printed on the side. I was wrong. GB 2626-2006, real old standard. And that standard does not require that you put the manufacturer name, but they did anyway.

The double punch we are off to the races. All right, can I get the box back so I can see the... I'm going to do the mask thing real quick. Doing quick tests here. We used to do two minute tests with this machine. It's so spot on. I did a bunch two minute and one minute and they were exactly the same.

So they're individually packed. That's really cool. I'm going to try this on. It looks a little tight on me, to be honest, a little bit more tight than want. I'm going to do a smell. It smells like a shoebox that was recently cleaned. Yeah, it's like new shoes. Yeah, but something else, like some cleaner or something in there.

I'm going to do the ear loop. Oh gosh, that really hurt. I don't think it's going to come off on your face. No. But it did break. And the nose wear, it could be a little bit stronger, but does that matter if it doesn't protect you? What does the survey say? Oh, 99.297. And the KPA is 114.5 pascals. Very breathable. Very breathable. Good mask. Good mask.

Thank you for sharing this. We are going to add this one to the database, Jordan. Thank you so much. That's awesome.

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