Milwaukee Valved Respirator with Gasket

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript All right. Let me look at the overview camera. All right. Next from Jordan with no letter. I'm going to call this test-my-masks Jordan or else. This is the Milwaukee. Ah, literally my favorite tool brand, Milwaukee. Stay cool, better fit [inaudible 00:00:25] N95. Adjustable straps. This is dope. This is so cool. Thank you for sending me the bags. Holy crap. Look at this nonsense. So I can test it, but, yes I can. So this is a valve on it and they, remember they said don't use a valve mask or... So think about a valve mask, because it protects you, the wearer, but it doesn't protect other people. So that's the issue.

But the way that this test works, I believe that this will test the efficiency of the mask. Because this is sucking in, so this apparatus right here is sucking in. And so it's pulling the air in just as if it would be if it was sitting on your face. But look at this mamajama. This is the most legit disposable mask I have ever seen in my life. Like, look at this, it's got like this crazy gasket. It's going to be super breathable for you. This nose wire's insane. Holy cow. It's so thick. It's got some weird business on it though. And I love the print on that. Oh my gosh. I mean that's hot, right there. Made in India? Oh wow. That's so cool. It's made in India. And adjustable head straps.

So the way that N95, you're going to put this on is... Good. Do this. This is going to go around the back of your neck. This is going to go on the top of your head. And then you're going to adjust it. Oh, this smell is a new tire shop. It smells like new tires because of the gasket. Jordan, I hope you didn't put some sort of like badness... This is like insane, this fit. Super breathable. Maybe the most breathable mask I've ever put on. Does this mask cost a thousand dollars because this is like the nicest mask I've ever seen. And made in India, that is so cool. All right. Let's put it in the clam and see what happens.

Loved the mask, fricking amazing. Probably... It's red. Oh my gosh red and white. I love the colors. Milwaukee's one of my favorite brands. This might be the best mask I've ever tested in my entire life. I'm not being hyperbolic. I'm definitely the most excited, but doesn't matter, if it doesn't protect you, let's see what the score says. Yes, 90. This is the test of the day 99.695. And look at that breathability, 155 pascals. This sucker is beautiful.

Now if you have COVID, you're going to have to wear a surgical mask over that mask because you could be spreading that to other people. And that ain't cool. So that's the only thing that sucks about this mask. But they should make a version without the valve. This mask is... This mask is awesome.

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