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Video Transcript I see how it is. Alright. HDX Face Mask, Dust Mask. I'm pretty sure I've tested this one before, but not in this packaging. Maybe not, I don't know. So this is not making any claims. We'll open this up. Oh, there's a bunch in there, that was surprising. There you go, look at that thing. It is barely there. All right, let's get it in the clamp. Let's get it in the new clamper. The clamper that has replaced my heart. I'm going to have to actually take off this nose wire to do a test correctly. I'm going to have to remove the nose wire, because it was impeding my test preparation. There you go, does that look good?

Now this is going to test horribly, because look at that: you can literally see through it. But that's what we're really here for, if we're honest, right? We're here for the fails, we're not here for the successes. We're here for the fails. I mean, one thing is I feel like it's barely there. The nose wire doesn't even work. And it smells like my coffee this morning, so there you go. I'm going to guess that this is not going to be very strong. And I know some people like this, so I'm going to go ahead and do the thing where I cut this open. And what you're going to see is that it's one layer, right? So that's nothing.

It smells like the sandwich I wish I was eating. Alright, let's look at the KPAs: kilopascal. Let's go to this one. Oh, I'm starting to get these. Why is that camera shaking? Look at that. Whoa, what is that? One or nine Pascals? That's a record. And a filtration efficiency of 40.094. Okay, here's what's crazy about that. Actually, I am going to go ahead and recommend the HDX Dust Face Mask. And here's why: because I see a lot of y'all, which is a second person plural, that's what we do in Texas. I see a lot of you all out there wearing cloth masks. This thing is literally 100 times as breathable as a cloth... not a hundred times.

A lot.

A lot of times, 10 times as breathable, as a cloth mask. And it's better filtration than a fricking cloth mask. Buy this fricking mask: HDX from Home Depot. It costs... It's so cheap, they give it to you. You walk in the store, they're like, "Please take these, they're horrible." Don't wear cloth masks, wear this thing. Someone sent me some cloth masks too, so we're going to test those as well.

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