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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript So I'm going to open this up. I just got this yesterday. This is their new KN95 style mask from WellBefore. I only have one. Well, no, they are holding it to the KN. Josh pointed out that, he said, "Oh, it's a KF94." It is a KF94 style, but KF94s have to be certified in Korea. And basically, most of them are made in Korea. This is made in China. And look at this beautiful individually wrapping. It is a KN95 in the KF94 style. And look at this, this is amazing. This is just beautiful. What's cool about him is I think you can buy individual masks on his website. That's crazy.

They didn't use to put the standard on here. GB 2626-2019. And they added that because we had them marked as a fail on our website. And they're like, "You know what? Technically, you're right. We were not meeting the standard. We're meeting the standard now." And they've got their name on there. And it's very classy. I like that. It's got his name on it, WellBefore. Didn't have that before. That lets you know that it's coming from that manufacturer. That's why that's so important. All right. We're starting the test. So it's very nicely constructed. It's got a double nose wire on the top. It's got these adjustable straps on the back, which is dang, yo. Makes it so that you can really get a good fit. Oh, did I... Why I did something weird there. It's almost like this is the first mask I ever put on.

All right. I'm getting a pretty strong Chinese plastic smell here. But it's weird because actually, it's like a clean plastic. So I'm going to call this Clean Chinese Plastic. And it's one of those things, by the way, if you let these guys air out, if you just open them up and let them air out, that smell goes away in a couple hours. It's a great ear loop, or a great nose wire rather. Getting a good fit, good seal. And it's adjustable here, which is pretty cool. And I'm just going to test the ear loops here. These are great. I feel like I can break them if I want to, but that's really strong. That is really strong. The other thing I'm going to check with this style is, wow, those welds are insane. So what I love about Shaz, WellBefore they do their homework. They try to make a really good product. Oh, shoot. I peeked, I peeked. 43.6 pascals. 98.92. This is the breathability I want to get to. Great mask, Shaz. Thank you so much.


The newer versions are now completely up to standard, which is why we are now comfortable marking this as a mask you should buy.

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