ReadiMask Strapless N95

ReadiMask Strapless N95

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript All right. This from an American manufacturer called ReadiMask. Ready, set mask. Global Safety First, these guys started, I believe they're based in New Jersey and they start, a lot of Jersey today. They started this company after the towers fell. They actually made this for first responders, which is really cool. He's got all these different versions and it's crazy. It's flat folded, and it uses this, I'll show you. And it goes on your face.

I can't just use my normal apparatus or the one we were using before because it won't appropriately test this. This is an N95, an actual NIOSH N95. And the CEO of this company sent me their testing apparatus. And he sent it to me a week after we moved our lab. It's been a while since I've had this. So John, I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart, but we're testing it now. Check this out. Isn't that crazy? This is going to go on here. It's made to go on this guy here. This is NIOSH approved. This is legit. We are not making this up guys. All right.

So it's a little confusing to use and I'll show you how it works on the face. Oh, John's probably watching this. Just cringing like, "Lloyd, what are you doing?" So I think it goes like this. And what this crazy, super innovative design has done, is it makes it so that you get 100% seal. Look at that. Oh, sorry. You're getting the top of my head. So let's see, you can imagine that going around your face? I'll show you how it fits on mine. This is what you guys show up for, right? This crazy stuff. I mean, if you like this, if this is interesting to you, you should seriously seek professional help. Okay. This is a warning sign. It's interesting to me though. So I get it. I get it.

All right. All right, here we go. I'm going to do from the top shot, because I want you to see nuclear arm codes. I love that. That's my favorite feature. Basically the air is being sucked. And what this apparatus does is it allows us to fully test this entire thing. And now look at this 100 pascals, super breathable. That is an insanely breathable N95.

All right, I'm going to go off here. We're going here. And I'm actually going to get one of these guys.

Is it 100 pascals?

102. Well, it's not done yet, but 103. It'll give us an average. All right, now I'm going to show you how this works. So it's got this medical grade and I'm telling you to get something medical grade past like, I mean this is no joke. This is John's life work to make this happen. All right.

So this is going to go and seal on the top of your face. Is this going to pull out... What's the over, under, on this pulling out every one of my beard hairs? Is this going to hurt guys? What do you think write in the comments here. Okay. And this is going to, this is over the beard. Sealed, okay. Fully sealed. I don't know if it's coming off. It might stay on forever.

Super breathable. Holy cow. Super breathable. Oh, it smells like a recently renovated furniture store, like furniture store... It smells like a furniture store. This is a furniture store mask. That's incredible. So this should give you an incredible seal. Now you shouldn't have a beard. If you really care about safety, clearly I don't. I run a mask factory. Don't care about safety.

Now, normally I'd say like, "Does it protect you?" But I'm actually curious if this is going to rip off my face and my I'm going to lose hair. What do you think I'm going to lose a hair? Did I lose hair? Would not recommend that. Actually no, not a single hair. Look at that. And I think you could probably reuse this a couple times to be honest, super breathable, super breathable. But does that matter if it doesn't protect you? What does the machine say. TSI, speak to me.

97.42. 97.42% and 104.4 pascals. Super breathable, super innovative, super protection. John, Global Safety First, this is a good mask. This is American made ingenuity made as a response to the 9/11 crisis. So, that's pretty good.

Made in the USA?

Made in the US. Yeah. Made in the USA, 100% made in the USA. Thank John for sending this. I really appreciate you.

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