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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome back. Today we're testing every single mask in the world. That's right. All 3,492 of them today. We're testing American Masks. That's right. This is the WYZ Mask or W-Y-Z mask. I first learned about these guys because they're a Texas-based manufacturer.

When one of our investors emailed me a press release, which I'll show you in just a second. But first, let's put this in the clamp man. Let's clamp this down. This is a totally different mask than we are used to testing. And I'll show you why. In a second, if I can get it clamped. I think we got a good clamp there. Okie dokie. Buttons. All right. This is a PFE machine, particular filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more, look at the video. All right.

So let's talk about WYZ masks. I first heard about them when one of my investors messaged me this... this PR news wire. One of the world's fastest mask production lines launches in Texas capable of producing a thousand masks per minute. With one line, I was like, I've stood up a bunch of lines and I know that is not possible. So I'm calling BS on it, but it turns out it's kind of possible because I called them and I went to their facility in College Station, Texas, and it is real. Here's their website wyzmedical.com. The name, by the way, WYZ, is actually the founder's initials, I believe. That's where that comes from.

I actually told them about this. They're saying FDA registered, which they're a registered manufacturer, I think, is what they're linking to, but very legitimate. It's a bunch of... Let's see there's their thousand per minute on their machine. So it's Chinese immigrants came into the United States, American citizens set up this great production. And it's so impressive, but it was a little shocking to me because when I went into their lab, it was like they had picked up a mask lab in China and set it down. Down to the windows were the same as what you'd see in China that you wouldn't see in a clean room here in the United States. So this was very interesting to see, but it's a very impressive product.

I'll show you what's a little bit different though. Let's open up their box here. They're not sealing it. You know, I don't like that because then you're going to probably smell like cardboard. They're very, very particular. These are centered, almost every single one of them. They've got made in the USA stamped. The machine is just really, really fast and really, really good at making precise stuff. But the reason why it's so fast is because they don't have normal ear loops.

They have these polypropylene glued on loops, which look a little bit weird. And we call these a diaper mask because it's using the same stuff that's in diapers to put over the ear loops. That allows these things, and some people prefer it, that allows these things to be made very, very quickly. So great structure of the makes any sense, but the reason I don't personally like it, is just because it breaks really easily.

I've tried their masks on and it actually, a couple times, the ear loops do break off, because it doesn't, it really takes almost nothing. But from an efficiency standpoint, the thing that breaks down the most in our machines are those like ear loop welders. So this is actually a super efficient way.

So I'm going to put this on here. You can see that it's stretching a little much here. It's going... But it's very, very soft. The reason why it comes apart is because it's a glue that they put on there instead of a weld. In fact, I believe that the entire mask is glued. Yeah. So it's going to open up. It's a heat press glued. So the construction compared to a normal mask, you're going to have to be a lot more delicate, but also the price is going to be a lot cheaper. And so you do have to balance that. I think it's a good mask, but it's not the construction that I like.

I'm going to do the smell. Oh man. Relevant, I'm going to call this smell new diapers, not old diapers, new diapers. I don't know if you have kids, I have five kids, the smell of a new diaper is kind of nostalgic for me. It's a pleasant smell, a new diaper, not an old diaper, but it is kind of like a little bit plasticy. That's what I'm smelling here, new diaper, all right. There you go.

All right. It doesn't really matter though. This doesn't protect you though. So what is the machine say? Now, keep in mind. They're not making any claims. They're not on Amazon. They are just a mask. They're just a mask to protect you. And they start at the height of the pandemic. And what's so great about how efficient their masks are, is you can make so many, so quickly. You need a hundred thousand masks. That's a hundred minutes, that's it. And one machine, two operators, and they can knock that out. So if we get hit with a pandemic again, that we're, we're having trouble battling, we might turn to these guys because their machine is so fricking efficient. But from a going forward perspective, it's not a design I prefer.

But what does it do? Does it protect you? Here we go. 93.8. 93.85. Now just a little bit of a disclaimer here, again. If you were going to test a lot of these, or if you were going to do an official test, you would test probably 20 or 30 of these. We're not doing that. We don't have the time to do that here.

That's on the edge of 94. I think that this thing's going to come out at 95%, some of the time, it's just not doing it with this one. And they're not making any claims. So it's not like they're doing anything bad. Plus honestly, full disclosure, I have an affinity to them because I've been there. I've seen their operation. It's very impressive. The folks, these guys are very passionate about what they've done. And so I like them and I trust them, but just, again, I probably wouldn't use the mask. So there you go.

All right. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed making it. I really enjoy having you guys here and I will catch you on the next mask. If you give me a like, otherwise I'm gone. Out of here. See you.

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