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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Thank you for joining me today. We're testing every single mask in the entire world today. In one day, we're doing it all in one day. What you don't believe me? I'm like Santa Claus, but with mask testing, that's right. I'm bending the rules of space time just to get this all done at today.

Today, we are also testing American made masks. Looking at the MOSS surgical mask. Great story behind this company, we'll get to it in a second, but first let's clamp this sucker in the machine. All right, let's do it.

So your basic blue and white mask, looking good. Here we go. This is a particulate filtration efficiency machine, say that five times fast, and look at the video there if you want to know what that means, but it's the whole reason we are there today.

So let's talk about MOSS. MOSS is an events company, but at the start of the pandemic, guess what? No, one's doing events. So they had an option, lay off their employees, let them stay home and take a government check or put them to work, making masks. It's a German American company. And so what they did is they imported all these machines from Germany. They made masks, German fabric, here in the United States, made millions of these things. And now they've gone back to events. So they're not making masks anymore, but they have the machines in case they're needed again.

So, great company, I love those kind of stories. They were there when we needed them, they didn't want to be long term, but man, it's a great box. Look at this, it comes sealed on the outside. It's funny too, made with imported materials. A lot of times that means Chinese, not in this case, it's actually German. So, there you go.

Used for hospital, lab and food industry. So they're not making any claims on the box that I'm seeing. They're just saying like, "Hey, this is a mask. Use it." You open it up, you're seeing the masks right there. Which means with that contact, you're probably going to get like a little bit of a cardboard smell. Getting some bend that happened and it's almost like a cloud in the sky. So, the spunbond is kind of interesting there.

Let's take a look at the ear loops. Oh, MOSS. Come on, man. Okay. I'm going to go five on these. I mean, they're pretty weak. This could be a bad batch, it's hard to tell. I actually like the accuracy of where they placed all their welds, but it just seems like these are weaker than I'd like them to be. I think this might actually, if you put on your face, it might actually fall off. Okay, that's pretty good. I mean, you have to really pull to get it off.

All right, let's do the smell test. Smell, I'm going to call this smell, the air that comes out of bubble wrap. You know the bubble wrap? You pop it. Maybe the air is a little bit stale, a little bit plasticky, but who cares? It's bubble wrap. You're having fun. That's MOSS. All right. Does any of this matter if it doesn't protect you? Let's check the machine. All right. They were making no claims, but they're still not meeting the minimum standards in the United States.

93.917. 93.917. Look, at the height of the pandemic, this type of mask would've been great to have, which is when they were there and they stopped making these. This is not their jam going forward. Again, if you're really going to test a lot of these, you test 20 or 30 of them and then you would average it. They're right on the edge of 94, I've seen it sort of range two or three points, so I could see these hitting that standard. This particular test didn't, but again, it's not the end of the world.

It is below the standard that I like to see. But again, if these guys were in the mask business, I would call them out for it, but they're not. They stood up, they were here when we needed them and now they've gone back to doing events, so thank you, MOSS, for what you did. I appreciate you. And I appreciate you by the way for being here and watching this with me and seeing it live. Thank you, we'll catch you on the next test.

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