WeCare Tie-Dye pattern Disposable Kids Masks

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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Thanks for watching. We are testing every single mask on Amazon because we're crazy, and today we are looking specifically at the WeCare disposable mask for kids, and it's tie-dye. That's pretty cool. I'm actually really excited about this. I have five kids myself. Kids, they're more likely to wear it if they feel like they can become a part of it. It's one of the reasons why we sell kids masks in many different colors.

I really like this box, and I love the brand name, WeCare. So many of these masks are like, "Disposable face mask," or some other B.S. or something you cannot pronounce. It's like, look, clearly you're selling to the American market, have an American brand. I love it. I think they spent some time on this. It's got a little shield. I feel like I'm being protected. Let's see if we actually are though.
Let's put this under the microscope. It's not a microscope. All right. We got to make sure that this is covering on the sides here. All right. Now, the kid's mask is a bit smaller, so these are designed to test a much larger face mask. So, we're going to be very careful about the plate that it's on because if we don't get a good seal on that gasket then that PFE machine isn't going to test very well.
Let's take a look at this. I love the packaging on it. It's got one of these perforated box tops, which is great. You can sit it in your car or whatever.

They're individually packaged. Now, these things are $19.98, which are pretty expensive for masks on Amazon. When we're looking at Chinese masks, it's definitely toward the top, but for the individual packaging, that is so nice.

All right, so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to test the ear loops. That's pretty good. I could feel like it's close to breaking, but I'm not going to put it to its limits. And a kid too is going to do this, but that's enough, that's a good mask.

Oh, you know what's weird is the ear loops are so big. This is way too big for a kid's face. That's weird, and it's got a weird smell. Right? Which kind of makes me nervous to give my kids to be honest. I was actually thinking about having them try this out, but maybe I'm thinking not. I don't understand where these smells come from, you guys, because ours don't smell like this. My theory is that it comes from the boat. When it's sitting on the boat it's next to a smokestack or something like that. But a lot of these Chinese masks have a smell.

Okay, this thing is extremely soft. So, I love how soft it is. And the reason it's so soft, it's got a really thick outer layer. This thick outer layer allows them to print this. Anytime you're going to see a print on the outside of these things, that means that they had to put a really thick outer covering.

Now, the bad part about this, and the reason why we don't make masks like this is because it reduces the breathability a lot. And for us, when I'm going to choose fashion or choose safety, I'm going to choose safety every time. So, no claims on filtration. But it says filtration in it. So, that's something. What do you think?

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94.886%. That's right below, just a hair below, the minimum standards in the United States. So, the minimum standard in the U.S. is 95% filtration. That's an ASTM level one mask. Personally I recommend and use and make ASTM level three masks, which is a 98% filtration. But, man, the quality of the build and design … Aside from the fit with the ear loops being too big, for $20, for tie-dye masks, it's pretty good. It's pretty good.

All right, thanks very much for watching guys. We're going to be rating a lot of masks on Amazon, so if you've liked anything about this, even one second, just give me a like and a subscribe, I'd appreciate it very much. And I'll see you on the next test.

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