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Video Transcript Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us today. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. And by today, I am totally lying to you because this is taking several days, nay weeks, nay months, nay maybe my entire life. We shall see today and my life, we are testing the disposable... I've tested this bag before. I totally have tested this. The brand on Amazon calls it the NNPCBT, which is... Let's say you pronounce it. But when, when you buy it, it says 100 piece, three ply, black disposable mask, filter protection, face masks. And then there's the brand name. Everyone's familiar with the brand, NNPCT...

All right, let's open this up. Okay. So it comes in this type of packaging that's like where a T-shirt would come in, I guess, and it's a non-barrier packaging. So it won't really protect the mask. So last time when I opened these, they were in individual packaging, which is great. It does make you feel good though when you rip off the top of something like this. It makes you feel like nobody had their grubby fingers in there before. But it does have this inner layer thing and it's not an actual seal. So I worry about if this thing's on a boat, if it's being exposed to any smells. This bag is not going to protect anything from smells. And it's got these... Can you see that? You see it. I got my nose in there. Ah, there you go. See that.

It's got these holes in the bag, very tightly packed, which I like. This is definitely a human job. Someone put a lot of work into that. It's got the quality certificate right in here. These are very soft. Wow. These are delightfully soft. I mean, I want to like go to sleep to this thing. Just like a little snuggly, I don't know if anybody has babies. I have a baby and I just want to give this to him and he can just snuggle in. It feels good going to bed. Is that weird? Probably. All right. Is that... Okay. They seem smaller than normal. That's pretty good. I could tell if I pop it a little bit more, it's going to break.

I mean, the nose wire's perfectly centered. They're doing a really good job on the ear loops. Again, this stuff translates to how it's going to effect on the machine here. Okay. So if someone's paying attention to the construction, they're probably paying attention to what they put in the mask, generally speaking. That is really strong. I mean... Look, I'll be the first to admit that it's embarrassing if I'm saying this is really strong and then it breaks at that moment, but I'm telling you that it is really strong. Sometimes you got to...

We should go to the testing. So let's test this mask. That's a very long mask. I like that. Why the long mask? I just need one person here to laugh at my jokes. Last time, no one laughed at my jokes. I was doing a terrible job, probably doing a terrible job now. It's just that I won't know it. I won't know it until the comments start rolling in. 20 bad stars. Stars. What am I talking about? I don't even know what genre I'm in right now. (laughing). Okay. So this is going to clear. Looking at the airflow resistance. Very, very breathable, which means we don't... That's great, is that 63? Wow. If this has high filtration and is 63, that's going to be amazing. What?

Smell test.

Well, I haven't done the smell test. I haven't even put on the mask. Well, since we're testing the mask, I'll put on the mask here. We'll do things out of order. Ooh, wow. Something about these black masks, they have a little bit more smell on them. Could be that bag though. Maybe it was traveling next to some cans of old gasoline. This smells like an unkempt shed. It's what it smells like. It's probably got a rusted can of motor oil in there. Maybe you've got a lawnmower you haven't started in a while.

So what are the results? Let's see. 91. 91.052. So what I will say is that the breathability on this sucker is phenomenal. And a bunch of black masks that we have tested have been in the 80% on a filtration efficiency, but have been great breathability. This for some reason has really, really great breathability, but is in the 91%, which isn't horrible. Now the minimum standard in the United States in ASTM Level 1 mask is going to be 95% minimum standard. The better standard ASTM Level 3, which is what we make is, is a 98%.

Typically, I tell people to look for ASTM Level 2, ASTM Level 3. That's the cheat sheet if you want to get a good mask. Although recently I just tested a mask on Amazon that claimed ASTM Level 3 and was the worst mask we've ever tested, so. Well, not the worst, but it's pretty bad. So now I feel bad about giving that advice. But generally speaking, if you get an ASTM Level 3 mask it's pretty good. 91%, that's not great. Wouldn't recommend that. So probably on the value, of course, that is a lot of masks for $10, so probably three stars.

All right. If you've enjoyed this, thank you for watching. I appreciate it. Actually, you know what? I'm having such a good time right now. I don't even want your likes or your subscribes, don't you dare. If I see that one person has liked this video, I will stop doing these. I'm just kidding, please like the video. I'll see you next time. All right. Thanks.

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