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Video Transcript All right guys, today we are testing every single mask on Amazon, at least until we can no longer stand, which I think for you is about five more minutes. Right now, with this video, we are testing the Hyegiir. How do you say that?


Hyegiir, disposable face mask with excellent ventilation performance. It prevents droplets, has industrial applications, production workshop. I think we're just listing things now. Dust exposure, wait, dust exposure. It gives you dust exposure. That's weird. Okay.

Let's go ahead and test this. This is sold in a hundred pack on Amazon for $25. It's a black mask. All righty. Let's start this guy. All right.

What I love about this is that they're saying it's Hyegiir. They're showing the actual box that arrives. That's a big deal. I would say probably half of these masks, the crazy thing is the mask roulette we've been playing. We buy something and then something completely different shows up. So it's like, how can you even know what you're buying? What you should trust?

I like this box. It's got a weird little cutout thing for the masks, I guess. Then these are in, oh, they're individual. Wow. So these are individually packaged. They didn't even really... I feel like you should feature that. That's like way more expensive. It's about a penny or two more to do it that way.

And only for $25.90. That's great, for a hundred masks. All right here, go ahead and let's open this guy up.

Breathability is at a hundred exactly. Which is good. You want it to be... Really good breathability is around 50 Pascal. You don't want to go above 150. So this is right dead center, right in the middle. That's a great breathability. I love that.
It's using a really, really thick, outer layer and it's really, really strong. Let me try this guy on. The ear loops are a little bit bigger than I want them to be. The nose wire is awesome though. I don't like the plasticy smell that I'm getting. It's a little strong. I think that's from the thick, outer layer that we're getting. It feels like if I were to have a nightmare about being vacuum sealed, this is the smell that I would smell as I was dying.

But the question is, is it going to actually protect you? That's what this machine is about. Again is a particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to know how this thing works and understand how we're testing and what we're not testing, check out, I'm going to put a link below in the description so you can read more about this machine. This is just going to test to see how many particulates this is stopping. I'm not seeing any claims on here.

Really high quality masks, they're going to have a claim on the box. They're going to say 95% filtration, 98% filtration. The reason for that are the American standards and the international standards are at those levels. So an ASTM level one, which is what this machine is designed to test for, that mask has to be at a 95% filtration. That means that 95% of the stuff coming in, it's going to block 95% of it, and five percent's going to get through. A higher mask, a 98% filtration mask, it's going to block 98% and let 2% in.

This machine test that. So the question is, what do you think that this machine, or that this particular mask has done?

Let's go with 92.

You're going 92? Well, if you went with 92, you, like Oracio, would be wrong. This is actually one of the worst masks we tested. This is coming in at 84.93. There are better black masks that we found. In fact, I don't remember the name of it, but what I'm going to do is also in the description below, I will link to that review so you can see that. Because we've found some really high quality masks, low odor, high quality black masks that were pretty affordable and they were much better at filtration efficiency.

Thank you for watching. I really appreciate it. I'm going to ask one favor from you and it's not to like and subscribe. That's what Oracio wants me to do because he's very vain. He has a big head. He just wants to see how many likes that he can get for this video. Oracio, like I keep telling you, it's not all about the likes, man. It's about doing good. What we're trying to do is do good and have fun. So on the fun part, what I want you to do is send me the craziest mask that you can find. When I say send me, I mean, actually legit send it to me. Put it in the mail. I'm going to put my address below. Put it in the mail and send it to me, and I will test the crap out of that thing. And I'm going to give you a shout up for it. If you have a mask on Amazon that you found, and you want to know if we've already tested it, you can put a link in the comments. If you want to say hi, say hi in the comments. If you want to guess Oracio's weight, that's a contest we have going on right now. Okay. So go ahead and guess his weight.

Lots of things that we're doing, very complicated. Hope you can keep up and we'll see you next time. Thanks.

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