WeCare Camo-pattern Disposable Masks

WeCare Camo-pattern Disposable Masks

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Video Transcript All right. Thanks again for joining today. We are testing every single mask on Amazon, and we mean all of them. So today for this video, I'm looking at the WeCare Disposable Camo Pack, Camo Packs. We've got two different types of camo, which is great. Question is, they may be able to protect you from someone seeing you, but can they protect you from the coronavirus? Ooh, let's find out.

These are just for anybody. Maybe if you're in the military or you've got some sort of cosplay situation going on, you can use these masks. Let's put them in there. We tested the WeCare stuff before. It smells like the inside of a Build-A-Bear is what I'm saying. I love their packaging. I love their boxes. This is one of their older designs. I can tell. I love the three little bullet points on the top.

Effective, which is good. Painless, soft on the skin. I don't quite understand that. But it looks like they have two colors in here, which is pretty cool. They're really individually packing those in.

So I'll try to pull out the different color here, get that one. I'll get this one. We've tried their stuff before they. I mean, they have great ear loops. They typically are pretty strong. Yeah. That's what we've come to expect. I think they're loops are a little bit bigger than we normally expect, but I love that even though it's a design, they put the...

... welds on the front, which is great. Yeah, look at this. Look at how big this is. That's too big. So if you're going to get this and I have a pretty big head, if you're going to wear this thing, you're going to need some sort of a secondary device to hold this in because the ear loops are just way too big. You don't want this gap. This gap's too much. This is not a good gap. But they've got a great nose wire. I don't love the fit of these, but I love the feel. They're very soft. Airflow resistance of 102 pascals. Typically, you want that to be... Oh, it looks really good.

You want it to be about under 150, so that's great, it meets that. Individually packaged. I love how soft it is. It's it really is super soft. It's like the amazing soft fabric. It is a little thicker than I like to see, but they're doing that so that you can get the design on there. And these guys typically come in 90% to 96%, I think.
They're not making any medical claims on the box, so we can't really hold them to anything. But typically, we want to see something at least in the 95% range. The WeCare stuff has gone from 90% to 96%. This machine is designed for the ASTM standard, which is the American standard, which starts at 95% for an ASTM level 1 mask, and then goes to 98% for an ASTM level 2 or 3.

And for my money, if I'm looking for a mask on Amazon, I would just search for ASTM 2, ASTM 3. But these WeCare masks have been really good. And they're pretty affordable too. This one was $19.98, which you can't beat. So what do you think? What do you think it got?


92? Not far off. 94.9. 94.972 to be exact. Hey, if you like this and you want to see more, please like the video. Extra double bonus points if you hit that subscribe. And I'm going to be checking, I'm in your computer, I'm basically malware. I'll see you next time. Thank you.

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