EailGorl Black 3 layer Disposable Face Mask

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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome back. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. It's a Saturday. Things are getting weird over her. Today we are looking at the EailGorl. EailGorl? I literally have no idea how to say that. This is like they were using some sort of a random letter simulator, and they were like, "Make sure it has plenty of vowels." This has like 19 vowels in it. I don't know what this means. Anyways, we're testing the EailGorl face mask, disposable face mask, not medical. Let's do it.

All right. Not a soft touch box. You know how I feel about that. Not very good. Got a string of these non soft touch boxes. You got the quality certificate, it's in the inside of the bag. It does have a nice bag, it's a good thickness. This looks like 3, 4, 5 mil, maybe something like that, so it's a good thickness. But, you can just open it up and anybody can stick their dirty fingers in there. I mean, guarantee my kids were probably back here, like 10 minutes ago, just sticking their fingers in these masks. And who knows? You don't know where their fingers have been. I mean, actually I do, and that's the problem. Gross.

All right. Let's take some of these out. It's black on black mask. Okay. So these ear loops are like ginormous. Like this is not going to fit on my face, but look at how strong that is. Okay. It broke. But, I mean, you got to want that. I mean, it's not going to hold up a fat baby, but it might hold up a small baby, like a newborn, like a three month old, doing little baby curls or something. I think it would probably hold that up. Yeah, definitely. See, that's a baby weight right there.


Not sad about the construction of this mask. The ear loops are too big, but that's okay. It's just falling off my face. I don't love that. Ooh. Oh yeah. That is not delightful, that smell there. I mean... I would call this one... small plastic fire. That's what the smell is, small plastic fire. I'm going to give that one, I'm going to give it three stars, because there are way worse masks on Amazon. If I'm doing the Amazon thing, this is like middle of the road. There's some bad stuff on there. All right. Let's get to this part because we are just rambling, not talking about anything. That got me a little bit, but you didn't see it. All right. Let's let her rip.

So this is a particular filtration efficiency machine. We are mostly caring about this efficiency number here, but also the airflow resistance, how breathable is it? You want this to be under, probably 150. This is at 50, this is super breathable. It's going to change as we go about our day here. But you know, for the most part, wow. I switched off the screen because I don't want to tell you what it's going to be, otherwise you would just fast forward to the end. Oh wait. You can do that anyway. Ah, YouTube, features. All right. Let's look at this mask. Face mask, black, disposable, three layer design. Ah, three layer design. Elastic ear band. I mean, this is like the most generic... They took all of the keywords for face masks and they put it in a blender and put it in random order. There's your title.

4,600. $10 and 87 cents, pretty good price. They got a bunch of different colors. We got the black ones. Trying to see if they have any... This black mask is designed for a softer and smoother feel for breathable all day long. At 51 airflow resistance, they are not wrong. That is super breathable. Our masks are anywhere between 110 and 130, depending on how they feel that morning. So, does it protect you? Well, I'm going to say, probably not. We've got a lot of masks like Bing Fong and stuff like that. For whatever reason, these black masks, they're using the same crap. 82%, this is not done yet, we got about 10 more seconds left, but it's not going to end well.

Yeah, it's not a great mask. I mean look, if you were going to go for a run, this is what I say. If it didn't smell like a small plastic fire happening in the other room, I would say this would be a great mask for going for a run. Probably if you've already gotten the vaccine. It looks good though. It's got a really thick outer layer spun bond. But at 82.15 efficiency, ah man, I would not recommend it.
All right guys. Thanks for watching. If this was helpful at all, if you're going to buy these masks because you don't want to be protected, and you like 82% efficiency, then look, you're a crazy person. I can't stop you. I can't, it's a free country. You could give me a like and a subscribe, if you wanted to. That would be great, I would appreciate. All right. Thank you so much. And I will see you at the next test.

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