Viva Naturals Multi Design Disposable Kids Masks

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Video Transcript All right. Today, we are testing every single mask on Amazon.And I got to tell you it's exhausting. Today we are doing for this video, disposable face masks for kids by Viva Naturals. I like that. It's cute. They did a nice job with their packaging. Let's see how the masks stack up.

Excited to see how this guy works. Ready? Nice. Okay. It's a good size. It's a good size kid's mask. Let's get it going. So packaging's amazing. Let's see. They've got, I mean, obviously made in China, but pretty good. 50 pieces. Since these are individually packed, it's a much bigger box, but it seems like a lot bigger than normal, but it seems like a really quality mask. And it's really strong. I mean really strong. The other kid's mask was really strong too. I mean, you could pick up a kid with this kid's mask.

Aw, that's cute. Look at us. The smell is pretty intense, I'd say. Personally, wouldn't want my kids breathing in this. It doesn't smell good. I wouldn't want this personally, but man, this is a really well put together mask. Of all the masks we put, it's so soft. The other mask I want to create. I want to make a binky out of this. It's so nice.

They're not claiming this is protecting you for any particular way. So, I think for 20 bucks, this is pretty good. This is a particulate filtration efficiency machine. This is what we use in the United States to hold masks to standards. The minimum standard is 95%. What do you think they got?

Let's go with a 90%.

93.7. 93.71%. So for 20 bucks, it's a pretty good mask. 93.7%. But with that breathability, that's really good. Not terrible. I would give it a maybe. Well, if you like these masks or you're going to buy them or not buy them because this video, I would ask that you keep following along with us and check out our other videos. We're testing all the masks on Amazon. And if you really like this, I mean, you really like it. Like this is the best video you've seen today, give us a like. Or if you hate the video, give us a like too, because I don't care what you think. I just want your likes. That's all. It's all about the likes. Catch you on the next test.

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