Surgical Mask - Vijay Sabre Safety

Surgical Mask - Vijay Sabre Safety

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Video Transcript Hey everyone, welcome back. To the place where we're testing every single mask in the world. Including masks in unmarked boxes apparently, let's put this in the clamper and we will talk about it. So we're testing masks from India today, and oh man, this guy is small. Oh gosh. This is the VJ-SS mask. This is going to pinch the crap out of my hand. I need a hundred centimeters to test, Okay?

Let's let it rip, this is a P.F.E machine particulate, filtration, efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how that works, check out that link. Also to know, we are testing just filtration and breathability. We're not testing fit. You need both to have a good mask. So, all right. The box is nondescript. So let's look at the website.

It's called [inaudible 00:01:07] Not .in. It looks like they're making like fire safety equipment. I can't find any of their ... masks on their box. Like I said it is nondescript, but they are putting it in a bag which is nice. They're not making any claims on this one. That's for sure. I can kind of see, my fingers through it. So anytime that happens I just have this compulsion to open up the mask, and see what's on the inside. It looks like melt blown though, just by the wavy pattern. Oh yeah. This is melt blown, for sure.

Oh yeah. So this isn't the best melt blown, but it's pretty good. So if you're wondering about a mask, open it up. You shouldn't be able to see through the center layer. That's pretty good. Actually, I think it's going to be good. All right. Let's take a look at this. Oh, I like these welds. This is a very basic mask, right? Like you can tell that there just wasn't a lot of care put into this. However, look at those welds. That's pretty quality, and this company is making fire safety equipment. They probably just said hey, we're going to rise up in the pandemic and meet the challenge. They didn't even create a box. So if it tests well, I like them. Wow. See, I told you those welds were good. These guys have the best ear loops in India for sure. Oh my gosh.

It's not super pretty. The box isn't ... could use some design scores but, and look at what they're, I mean whoever, I [inaudible 00:03:08] I want to meet the guy that made this, because he's like burning through the mask. Pretty much.

Whoever made this, I guarantee was like, I hate it when ear loops fall off. Let's try this. Okay. That's very interesting. This is the first like plasticy mask smell that I've encountered in India. I'm going to call this one, an inflatable swimming pool. So that's interesting that ... all the masks smell in India so far smell super delightful. Like delightful cardboard is what it normally smells like. But this one, plastic, interesting.Like China masks by comparison, always smell like plastic. Almost a hundred percent of the time. Must be something in the process. All right.

But does that matter if it doesn't protect you? All right. Now, keep in mind. The minimum standards in the United States are 95%. That's what we want to see. 95% protection. That's an ASTM level one mask. Or I like looking for ASTM level two or three that's 98%, but these guys are not making any claims they're not even saying on their website they're making these things so, what does it test at? Okay, not horrible. We've seen some really bad masks here, and we've seen some probably about half of them have been pretty unacceptable in India.

88.826, not the best, not the worst. If I had my choice, I would look for a 98% mask, which we haven't found yet in India. So if you have a mask that you think this is a great mask and it's from India, please send it to me. I want to test it.

But this isn't the top end of masks too. So if you need something that's in a pinch, just going to protect you. I wouldn't say no to this if that was in that scenario. All right thank you guys so much for watching. I'll catch you on the next test.

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