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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we test every single mask in the world. Today, we are testing masks from India. It's really a bunch of masks from India, including the Care View mask, which I like.

Soft touch box. Let's put it in the clamper. And, go! It's got a nice color. We'll get it. This is a PFE machine, Particular Filtration Efficiency machine. If you want to find out more, check out that link. Note, we are testing just the fabric today. We are not testing the fit. Both things are important, fit and filtration, so keep that in mind.

All right, let's take a look at this Care View, Indian site, and you can buy these on Amazon. You can tell they really care about their brand. Let's look at the three ply. We bought the 90, $29.20, and this is $29.92. So they're not showing it on their website. The website's really slow by the way.

Three ply mask, SS, two layers of... spun bond, melt-blown spun bond. Three layers of filtration, bacterial filtration of 97%, which isn't in the American standard. Suitable for non-medical purpose. Okay.

Let's take a look at the box, I like the box. It is a soft touch box. It's got a nice logo on there. Cure View, bacterial filtration efficiency 95%. Now remember BFE does not matter, BFE is huge when you're talking about COVID. It's like 10 times larger than COVID is. So we are using a PFE machine, so this number may or may not align with what this says. But again, I feel like this is disingenuous if they're saying 95%. All right.

I like the box. Let's open it up. How do I open it? How do I open here? Oh my gosh, these are just all stuffed in here. Okay. Let's take a look. Oh, this is not good. Oh, this is not good. Look at that, I can see through it. This is not good. So, if you can see through a mask, that means there's probably not melt-blown in it. And melt-blown is the layer that protects you. This is very confusing. A company that puts their logo actually on the mask, doesn't look like they're actually putting melt-blown in the mask, which means this thing is not going to protect you at all.

Spun bond, is the second time I've seen this in India. I have never seen this anywhere in the world. I've not seen this in China, I haven't seen this anywhere in the world. Spun bond, spun bond, three layers of spun bond, no melt-blown. Wow. That is just shocking to me. To me that is just evil. There's their middle layer, look it.

You can see through it, that's a sign that's not going to protect you. I should probably stop there. There is zero chance that this is 95% PFE or BFE this isn't going to block anything. This is a terrible mask. I should stop there, there's no reason. Terrible mask, do not use this full stop. In my opinion, this is not a mask that's going to protect you. Don't use this mask. This is borderline evil. What these people are doing. And shocker, your loops are not ideal either. And I'm like, okay, yeah. Look at that. What a joke, gosh.

I don't like to be negative on a company, but I don't like to... Maybe you're watching all my videos and you're like, "Oh, you sure would." I don't like to dunk too hard on people. I like to give people to benefit the doubt. But if you are putting three layers of spun bond and putting 95% on the box, making people think it's going to protect you, you're a bad person. That's it you're are just a bad person, you're lying to people.

I'll smell it. We'll see what happens. Why not? Let's just go through the motions here. The ear loops are really small too, by the way. I'm going to call this, smell the printed out script for the movie Liar, Liar. Get it. It smells like paper and they're lying to you so... If I explain the jokes, are they funnier, worse? I'm not sure.

All right. So I'm making a lot assumptions here, because I haven't looked at the screen yet. I haven't looked to see what the PFE machine is telling us, but I opened the mask and I could see that there's no melt-blown in it. So, what do you think it's going to be? I think it's going to be pretty bad. Let's take a look. 14%, surprisingly not the worst mask we found from India 14.009%. Worst one was about 10%. I have not seen this level of huckstery, huckstery? Is that a word? It's actually quite shocking.

You know, when their crisis first started in India, we had people on the ground who were reaching out, saying they needed help. We sent millions of masks of our masks for free to India. Actually it was less than free because we had to pay for the shipping to get it there too. And a lot of folks called us out on that and said "Oh, but we have plenty of masks here." The people on the ground were saying, "No, we don't have good quality masks. We need your masks." So we sent the masks, "But other people on Twitter and things were saying like, you're just wasting all this money and energy by sending these masks there." This is why we're doing it. They were telling us, we had doctors on the ground saying, "I don't think these masks will protect us." And they were correct.

In my opinion, a 14% PFE is not going to protect you. That's pretty bad. All right. Thank you guys for watching. I appreciate it. Going on this little journey with me. We're going to be testing all the masks and we can find in India. We'll put a link to all of our results. If you have a mask from India that we didn't test, please, please send it to us. I'd love to test it.

Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you on the next test.

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