Vibeey (1) Blue 3ply Professional Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon, even the ones that we bought, and then they got kicked off of Amazon before we could review them. So this is the Vibeey mask, which they are also my making KN95s and we just reviewed them as well. All right. I'm getting a good vibey from that, but let's get in the clamper and see what happens. What did the KN95 do?


84. Not getting a good vibe out of the Vibeey, not a great track record. This is a PFE machine, the master of all. It does not accept bribes. It tells the truth. So Vibeey, we are coming for you with the truth machine to figure out what level of protection that you offer.

Now, I'm looking at the box here and you're not making any claims whatsoever. So no claims are made. Wow, that's pretty good. I had to give it a good, but the ear loops are just really big is the problem. I think it's going to almost fall off my face. Look at that. Without even adjusting, it's huge. So it's not going to give me a good fit. So if you have a larger face, this might be good.

Yeah. I'm going to call this smell a kitchen where something went wrong. I don't know what it is, but it's not great to be honest. Not horrible, but less than ideal. Let's jump on over to the PFE machine and see where we're at. Ah, this is a new one. Airflow resistant, 75, efficiency, 75. Little matchy, matchy. So minimum standards in the United States are 95%, that's what we want to be seeing here. Epidemiologists say that the minimum standards should be about 80%. This is well below that. So I cannot be recommending the Vibeey mask, just like we did not recommend the KN95, which did not meet those standards as well. So we didn't meet the minimum standards in the United States, which is an ASTM level one mask. Again, I'm looking for ASTM level two or three, which is 98%. All right.

Thank you so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed looking at this video and we're doing something different. If you liked what you saw here, drop me a comment below. Not going to ask for a like and subscribe. It's not how I roll and we are going to do a little contest put in the details right there. If you drop something in the comments the first 24 hours of us dropping the video, something might be coming your way. All right. I will see you guys on the next test, which is tomorrow at 10:00 AM sharp. We are doing a test every single day until the end of the year. Unless I die, then maybe we'll stop. This could be published posthumously. Oh, that's great. Hey, at least my kids will have some part of me to live on. That's nice.

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