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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome back. Today we are testing every single mask on Amazon, and today we are testing the ever popular PS Direct masks. Oh, I did the wrong thing. PS Direct masks. We've all seen PS Direct. You've seen the ads, I'm sure, on Facebook and Google and in the movies. I'm just kidding.

I've never heard of this, but it's a mask and it was on Amazon, so I'm going to test it.

All right. Let's take a look at the packaging. Kind of this flimsy packaging. This kind of packaging, you squeeze it and you can feel air coming out of it probably because of the hole that's in there, Lloyd. Maybe that's where the air's coming from. Some people. They'll love that because Amazon's just going to throw this in a box, and it was sitting in a container in an Amazon warehouse like it's... Oh man, this is going to smell like all sorts of weird stuff.

And then look, they're just flopping around in there, just in front of God and everybody. Wow, this is the worst packaged masks that I've ever seen. This is what happens when you put it in a bag. You're going to get masks like this. Look, at the beginning of the pandemic, we accept this, but not anymore. Come on, we want style. We want sex appeal. We want to be lulled into buying good things.

Wow. That's actually really... Why does that happen every time? Every time I get excited, and then it's like... I was giving it a good pull though. I think that maybe if you wore all of these, maybe one would pop off. That's pretty good.
I don't use the word hate often, but I hate the way these masks look. This is just an example of these guys. And usually, by the way, this translates, I've found. If you look at the construction of something, I find that it translates to the quality of filtration which we're going to test in just a second here.

But look at, you see how you have this stamp that's holding up the ear loop there, and then you have the stamp over here, and it's way down, and it's off centered, and then it's here and it's here. It's like, pick a lane. What is this pattern? Is this some sort of secret code that you're sending me across the ocean? Why not put them in the same place? And then I can see through this. I can the nose wire just right there. It's not a nose wire. I don't think it's a nose wire. Can I have the scissors?

I've been noticing this on some Chinese masks. Oh, it's plastic. Wow. So when they are really cheaping out on masks, and these are going for about $6 on Amazon, they do this plastic thing. I don't like these masks. Let me tell you that. I'm going to put it on right now. And see, look, I usually bend it like this, but look. I'll show you what happens, by the way, when you try to bend it and conform it to your nose. See, look at that. See how there's that air gap there. See the air? If air can get in, so can the rona. You get glass fogging, things like this. They should not call these masks, PS Direct. They should call them "fog your glasses direct". I am out of control right now.

All right, let's smell this thing. I've used something similar before, but I'm going to call this an unfamiliar kitchen smell. It's like you go into somebody's house for the first time, they invite you over. It's like your new neighbors in the apartment building, and it's like, you don't want to be rude, so you go over, and then they're cooking something. You're like, "I'm not sure what that is." Kind of weird. Going to eat it, and then I'm getting out of here. That's what this smells like. All right, let's test this. Smell rating: about three stars.

Put plastic in your masks. Although, and I'll actually say this. If these are plastic, if you're going to go in an MRI, if this tests well, which we'll see in a second, that's actually a feature. If I do a review on Amazon and this tests, well, I'm going to be like, "MRI friendly" because you can't have metal in an MRI. I don't know if you know that, kids. We're going to see what this ends up being, but 34 is the lowest air flow resistance I have ever seen in my existence as a lab tech, which I'm not really a lab tech. I just had them embroider this on a lab coat, which you can buy on Amazon, by the way.

All right. PS Direct Products, adjustable nose bridge, one size fits most, breathable face protection. Okay. Comfortable ear loops, built in filter, disposable design. They're designed to be disposed. Okay. Weird flex, but okay. Guys, this is the worst I have ever seen of any mask that we have tested ever on this machine. My machine right now is going, "Hey, are you going to insert the mask yet?" I hate that question by the way. 25%?

So here we go. Efficiency, 26.460, also known as the worst mask on Amazon. One star. Wow. Just, they don't making any claims, but still the gall. Why? Why? Why? To make, what, a penny more? [inaudible 00:06:03] is not that expensive anymore. Why? Why, why? I don't understand. I don't understand the reason to make fake PPE anymore. I don't understand. If you like this video, go ahead and give it a like, but I'm going to dislike it, not because I thought the video was bad, because I thought this mask was so bad.

But seriously, don't dislike the video. That would really hurt the algorithm. All right. Thank you guys very much. If you enjoyed this, if you are as blown away as I am, you should get a better hobby because this is sad. We live in a sad existence right now. All right, I'll catch you at the next test. Stay with me. Bye.

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