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Video Transcript All right everyone, welcome back, where we are testing every single mask on Amazon. If you haven't heard. I know you've heard. I know that's why you're here. Today we are testing the insane is a Dsane. Insane is a brain. I know that that's going to flag the algorithm for stealing music, but that's okay. It's worth it.

So we actually tested a Dsane and I think it was an American flag one, which was super patriotic. Nothing like saying you love America by buying a Chinese American flag mask. But you know, I think it tested, okay... I can't actually remember how that tested in the past. Let's go ahead and switch to the overhead camera here.

Because we went to the trouble of putting it all together. So right away, made in China. You're seeing that's the Amazon sticker, I think. Wow. Effective [inaudible 00:00:59] Even like, painless, I'm assuming is what they meant to say. I'm bad at spelling, but I'm not even that bad. Soft on the skin. Ooh, four layers of protection. I love these. You don't need four layers by the way. Got damaged obviously during the shipping process, which happens with Amazon products. I'm sure you've seen that before. You open it up, you're going to see the quality certificate right there. This was made in October of last year.

This is very thin. This is like one or two mill plastic, which I don't love. I also don't love that you can open it up. Wait, are these all different colors? Oh yeah, they are. Fifty piece, disposable face masks for men and women, safety, facial mouth covers. That must be a thing in... I should pop this off as mouth covers. It must be a thing in China or somewhere to use the word mouth cover. But that word, that phrase makes me feel weird. Weird inside. All right, actually, let's jump onto this. All right. So what's cool is I opened this up and actually was surprised to see that it was multiple colors, but of course the listing is for multiple colors. I've actually never seen multiple colors sealed like this. Also what is also interesting is if you look on the box, it says "Indiviuslly." This is astronomically bad spelling.

Wow. Individually sealed. And this is what you get. So I don't love the presentation. I'm going to take some of these out. Construction is... I could tell these are going to be very solid because they're using these huge prints here to catch the ear loops, which is gr... It usually makes like a very strong... Yeah, it's not very strong. Oh, okay. So this is one of those where you basically got two, three swings at the bat. Right? So you got one. Oh, snap, snap. Get it. Because it snapped, two, three. Yeah. You're not going to get more than three... I think that... Oh, so let's look at the black one. That was one that if you put it on... Let's do this. I got to smell this anyway. Let's put it on like this.

Oh yeah. I'm going to call this "Spilled a lot of gas on my boots." Spilled a lot of gas on my boots. Yeah. That's pretty pungent. I'd give that two stars for the smell. But I think that if you just pulled a little bit on some of these, you're just adjusting it over time. I see it broke. And I wasn't pulling that much, so the construction on this. Uggh! Probably give it probably two stars. Also, if you're going to make a black mask just do black on both sides. Come on. It's lazy. It's nice to have the all black. Looks really cool. Who cares about all that crap anyways if it doesn't protect you. So let's test this mojo. Mojo? Is that a thing?

You got that from me, Amazon? Ow! My fingy. Charlie bit my finger. That's the name of the machine, Charlie. All right. Let's test this mofo. This is a partic... Filtration efficiency machine here. It's a very fancy piece of technology that tests the American ASTM standard. This is already showing a very, very high airflow resistance. It would be very interesting to see what this ends up testing at. But until then, let's take a look at the listing. We've tested these Dsane masks before. Again, I think they were the American flag ones. More saving conven... I can't remember if there was any claims. They did say that they were individually packed. They are not individually packed. Oddly because they are a bunch of different colors stacked on top of each other, which I've never seen before. Breathable and soft and comfortable at 175 pascals. That is a [inaudible 00:05:13] lie, if I ever heard of one.

It is not breathable, and I would not recommend wearing this for more than a couple hours. Let's wait till this guy finishes. It's still running. Yeah. We're finishing right now. So wow. 98.284, 98.284. That's phenomenal. Not great from a breathability... Wouldn't recommend it from that standpoint. So I'm going to give it an overall with... But they are doing different colors, which is really nice. They break all the time, which is not very nice so I'm probably going to give this an overall of three stars.

But look, if you need a cheap mask that is going to protect you and you're just running into the gas station or grocery store or something for a couple of minutes, this is a great mask to use. All right. I hope you guys have enjoyed this as much as I have reviewing it. You guys, it's... You test 200 masks and you're like, I've seen it all. I have seen it all. And then Dsane, insane as a membrane, shows up and proves you wrong. And you know, it makes you want to live life, is all I'm saying. So if you've enjoyed watching this as much as I've enjoyed making it, give me a... I don't know, like or subscribe or come to my house and give me a hug. That'd be nice. I haven't had a lot of human contact. It's not true if I [inaudible 00:06:27] Thank you very much. We'll see you on the next test.

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