Vandelay Brands - Disposable Surgical Face Mask UV Sterilized

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome to the place where we testing every single mask in the world. We are doing our masks from India series this day, week, month, wherever we are in this weird world. Let's put a mask in the clamper and we will talk about it. This is a mask from a company called Vandelay.

No. Let it rip. There's a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about this machine, check out that link. One quick note. We are testing only the fabric, we're not testing fit today. All right, who are we testing? Vandelay wasn't that Art Vandelay from Seinfeld? He was importer, exporter that lived in the building that was fictional and it was actually George Costanza himself. Apparently he's importing and exporting masks now.

So I love the packaging on these guys. If you check out their website really quick, You can see the five packs, it's this exact pack right here.

10 packs of five. They're saying they're UV sterilized, which is interesting. Milk blend filter, three layers of filtering protection. That's just incorrect. It's one layer of filtration. I can tell you by looking at it, soft and breathable, made in India for exports to U.S. Not really making any claims here though. So, let's take a look at the box. So I like this. It comes in a bag like this and then they're individually sealed packages of five. This is great. Helping fight COVID-19. FDA does not like that. Speaking of the FDA, this is usually a red flag. They're using the FDA's old logo on here. First of all, the FDA doesn't let you use logo on packaging.

Second of all, they probably want you to use the newer logo. Though, granted I should like the old logo better. I do like that they have the lot number on here. They're not making any claims. Manufactured by Webcraft. Interesting. In India, distributed by Vandelay, Art Vandelay himself. Let's open this up to look. I love the individual packaging, I think it's really cool. Okay, well weird.

I've never seen ear loop like this. It's very weird. It's like I can see stuff flicking off of it. Looks like when you can see that the cut was a little bit off here and you can tell that the welds are not equal here, so typically. And then look at the nose wires not centered and they're also not folding over the melt blown there, but you can see the melt blown, so that's good. It's a little bit rougher than I like to see. Let's check this out real quick. Wow, okay. That okay. This is probably the best ear loop. Come on. I was going to say... No, that was a fluke. I was going to say it was the best ear loop that I've seen from India. Okay, yeah. Right. Not terrible. Really small nose wire and not centered. So I don't love that. Put this on.

So the barrier package. Okay. That's very interesting. So this is a barrier package. It's double pack. You think no smells would get in it, but what it smells like is it smells like someone was smoking when we were packaging these just like a slight cigarette smoke, just like, which is a first and very odd. Now it could be, if I'm being very friendly, they're saying using UV sterilization, easy for you to say. And it could be that during that process, it actually produces ozone, which has a weird smell to it. It could be that they UV sterilized these and then put them in. And maybe that's some of that ozone smell. It doesn't smell super ozony and I wouldn't think it would last this long, but I just don't like the image of this beautiful packaging with some guy smoking a cigarette next to it.

That does smell a little bit like cigarette smoke, which is again a first. All right, but does that matter if it doesn't protect you? Now, they're not making any claims, okay. It seems like what they have was a pretty good, pretty decent product, great packaging. That's usually like they're spending money on packaging, you know that they actually care something about the product. That doesn't protect you. What does the PFE machine say? Okay, not the worst that we've seen because the worst we saw was 10%, by the way. So far 92.060. So the minimum standards in the United States, just for reference 95% PFE, that's an ASTM. Level one mask. We like to see ASTM Level two or three, which is 98% or better. But considering some of the things I've seen today, 92 is not terrible. I'm not super mad about that. All right. Thank you guys for watching. Hope this was helpful. And please check us out on the next Mask as we test all the masks we can find from India. All right, thank you so much.

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