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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we are testing every single mask in the world. Today we're looking at some masks from India, excited to check out the Safe Shield mask. Never compromise.

All right, let's put it in the clamper, get it going, see what happens. I like this because it's got their logo on it. Typically, when people put their logo on something, they're standing by it, or at least it's easier to get them in trouble. All right, let's let it rep. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency, machine. If you want to find out more about how this works, check out that link. Also, we are testing just filtration here not fit. You need both things to have a good mask. So keep that in mind. All right.

Safe Shield. Who are you guys? Let's check you out. They actually have a website which is great. Pioneer Impex, but the brand is Safe Shield. Now this is very confusing. It says conforms to all of these standards, which is the F2199 and F2100. The problem with saying that is there are different levels of those. So they're talking about the ASTM things. If you've watched any of my videos, I'm always talking about... We want to look for, in the United States, an ASTM level one mask, which is a 95% on this machine or an ASTM level two or three mask, which is a 98%. That's what the F2100 does, so confusing that they say "Conforms to that". But by looking at their box I can also tell there are other things they don't understand. For example, what the current FDA's logo is and the FDA's rule around putting logos on your box.

The FDA does not want you to put their logo on your box. Why? I don't know. Maybe it looks like the FDA's endorsing them, which they certainly are not. And if they were endorsing them, do you think the FDA would use their current logo? 100% of the time that I have seen the old FDA logo on a box, which is failing in two ways, the test also fails. Never compromise, except on the correct logo usage and maybe on the box itself or the mask itself.

All right. So I will say I saw on here BFE 99%. Now in India, the standard is really centered around BFE, bacterial filtration. Bacteria is huge compared to the coronavirus so it's not really a useful metric. We're testing PFE here because it's a better reference. And then also I don't have to grow bacteria, so there's that. If they're claiming to be F2100 and BFE 99, that means they're claiming to be ASTM three, really putting some stuff together, if they don't hit the number if I can really call them out. But I think there's about a 0% chance they're gonna hit that, just because they put the wrong logo on.

I do love the mask though, look at that. I love the logo. It looks really good. It looks really solid when you open it. Look at that, it just looks beautiful. I've got to give them that. And I do like this design, the fold over design because it should double hold the ear loop. But for whatever reason, it's not work.... So Taiwan, I don't know if they invented it, but the first version like this that I've seen where basically it welds the ear loop on and then it folds over the end of the mask and then welds it again. Double welds. In Taiwan those things are bulletproof. You can pull on those things all day long. Some of the best ear loops in the world is in Taiwan. That ones pretty good. This is probably one of the better ear loops that I've come across. But this is going to fall off on your face.

I think if you're walking around and you try to wear this for eight hours... Oh, that one was good. This is probably one of the best at ear loops that I've seen. All right, let's put this on. Again, I'm going to call this one, "A cardboard box in an old spice commercial" because it smells fresh. It's like a box, but it's a fresh box. I don't hate it. But does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you?

Let's check Mr. Machine here. I haven't seen it yet. Oh, that's not bad. I was giving them so much crap. Okay. Still. Not meeting standards in America. 92.712. That's not the best mask we found in India, but it's in the top three so far. So actually if you're in India and don't have access, Safe Shields going a little far with the name, they are lying to you about some things on the box, which I don't like. But it's a pretty good mask for India. Now in the United States, the minimum standard is 95%. This is below that standard. That would be an ASTM level one mask, which they're claiming that they have. They have not met that. We like to see ASTM level two or three, which is 98% on this machine, which they have not hit that either. But still, if you're in a situation where it's life or death and you're looking for something that's going to protect you, this is one of the better ones that we've seen. Still would not recommend, but in a life or death situation and that's all you have, I might take it.

Thank you guys so much for watching, I really appreciate it You know what? I will catch you on the next test.

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