MSAAEX 4-ply Grey Disposable Mask

MSAAEX 4-ply Grey Disposable Mask

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Video Transcript All right guys, welcome. We are testing every mask on Amazon Prime and thanks for joining us today. We are testing the... And I love these names, the MMSAAEX, but when it arrives, like a lot of things on Amazon, it's a lot more generic. Disposable face mask is what it says.

So let's test this sucker out. We already got one ready to go here. Let's get the test going here. I'm going to grab that here. So what we're testing here is particulate filtration and what particulate filtration is basically what's coming through and what's going out when you're wearing the mask. Will this mask protect you? Again, we are not talking about fit today. Fit is in a completely separate thing. If you want to know more about the particulate machine that we're using here, I'm going to put a link below the video.

Let's take a look and see if they're making any claims on the box about this particular mask. It doesn't look like it. It's just saying it's a disposable face mask, but it does say it's four ply. That's got to be a typo. All right, I'm going to cut this guy up because I don't think it's four ply. Just be no reason for it to be four ply. Let's open this guy up. Let's see how many plys we've got. It is. Wait, it is. It's four ply. That is hilarious. There's literally no reason to have two extra layers of spunbond, unless you were just trying to make up some reason to sell something extra.

And I'm trying to look, it does say four ply on the actual title. So basically what they're doing is they're marketing you saying, "Ooh, this is... You know those three ply masks? Forget about three ply. This baby's got four." This is ridiculous. It's not an extra layer of protection. It's an extra layer that makes it harder to breathe is what it is. I'm putting this on. It's a pretty good fit. Let me test the welds here. Welds are really good. This is done with a sonic welding technology.

I'm going to test this. That's insane. Look at that. Look at that. Let's try to break this. That is really good. That is so strong, but what's the filtration? Okay. The results are in here and the filtration is 94.34%. So that's lower than what we would call an ASTM level 1 or an ASTM level 2 or 3 mask in the United States. So minimum for me personally is going to be ASTM level 3. That's just how I get down, which is 98% filtration. That's what our masks are made of. But this particular one is 94 so it's actually below that.

All right. Thanks for watching. We're testing every mask on Amazon. So if you're looking to buy a mask, check out our videos. Thanks so much.

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