Assacalynn blue 3 layer Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey everybody. Thanks for watching. Today, we are testing every single mask on Amazon and specifically the Assacalynn. Assacalynn disposable protective mask. Non-medical. Non-medical is not a thing in the United States, but it is a thing in China so that's why it's on there because these are of course Chinese masks.

Now, thank you, Oracio for helping. Oracio is our head of finance so he's here to make sure that somehow this makes sense for us. This is a PFE machine. We are testing particulate filtration but I'm also going to give you my other opinions on this mask because it takes a couple minutes to run and I'm here, so that's what I do. This single-use face mask with 3D design fits the face at all angles. That is a new marketing term that I'm hearing for the first time. It's 3D. Because it's in the world, it's 3D.

All right. So this is in a pouch design. These types of pouches, just so you know, if you can kind of see through them like this, they aren't protective. So what I love about this is that they actually put them in a separate bag. That's great. I love that. But the bag has got a hole in it so I'm not sure why they put it in two bags, in that case. That's kind of weird. We're doing the ear loop test. This is good. This is great. I can break it but that was a lot of work. So I'm going to go ahead and try this bad boy on. It feels smaller than normal. I don't know why.
Now these were very affordable. They were the second cheapest mask, but the cheapest for a pack of 50. It's $8.49. That's really cheap. But I'm thinking what's going on here, because I looked at the manufacturing date on here and anything that is a mask that's made in China is going to have a manufacturing date on this little slip. It says 6/6/2020 so this is actually kind of old. This is more than six months old. They're probably trying to get rid of these because the shelf life on these is typically, well it says, "Two years," and so now this one only has 18 months left. It's not really like eggs or milk, but they frame it that way and so, because of that, they do have to get rid of it.

Now I'm smelling this. I'm going to have you try it as well. I'm going to call this smell, "Eating at a restaurant bathroom," like the bathroom that the cooks use. But overall, a good structure to a mask. A very basic mask, very basic prices. Some of the best prices we've seen for a pack of 50 masks. Not terrible but does it protect you? That's the question. So this machine, particulate filtration efficiency... Say that five times fast. Particulate filtration efficiency machine. It will test using 0.1 micron particulates, which is about the size of the coronavirus so it's a great test for this, to see if it's going to keep you safe. What do you think it came in at? So this is one of the cheapest masks.

Cheapest masks.

And what was the breathability? 91?

It was...

Or 80?


80 is extremely breathable. That's about maybe twice as breathable as ours.

I'm going to give it 85.

85? 91. 91.364%. That's pretty good. Again, minimum standards in the United States is 95%. If you're looking for the best mask protect, you look for an ASTM Level 3 mask. You can buy those on Amazon. That means they've been tested by a machine like this. This makes no such claims and coming in at $8.49, which is a penny under 8.50, that's a pretty good deal. All right, guys, thank you for watching again. We're testing every single mask on Amazon so if you found this useful at all or funny or if you just like the way Horacio's face looked, when we got the peek at it for a second, give us a like, give us a subscribe. I would appreciate it very much. It would help justify doing all this work. Thanks very much. We'll see you on the next test.

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Will you be reviewing their KF94 masks? (Available on Amazon) Thanks!

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