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Video Transcript Hey, everybody. Welcome back where we are testing every mask on Amazon. I got to tell you. It's a lot of masks. I went home. I changed shirts. It's a Saturday. It's a little more festive. Got the palm trees going on. So, bear with me because it's about to get weird. We are testing the Modenna. Modenna disposable face mask. Love this. It's by the way, not Moderna. Don't be confused.

That's a vaccine. This is a mask. Very confusing. It's pretty good. It comes with, it looks like a pack of a hundred, or actually we bought 50, but look at this, but two showed up. So I guess Amazon was doing a buy one get one sale, but they didn't tell us. They just, they just gave us one. That's nice. Thanks Amazon. All right. Let's open this up with the stock selling this for 9.99 on Amazon. Let's see what we bought it for.

We bought it for 9.99. So you open it up right away you see that certificate of authenticity that every Chinese masks has on here, but they're doing it in Chinese and English. That's nice. And this is great, it's actually matches what's on the box, which is unusual to be honest. And let me see, the lot number matches as well, which means they are taking this very seriously. So, that's a really good sign. You know, I, as you know, I've said many times before, I don't like it when a mask bag is like just kind of flopping open like this, because smells can get in other, you know, kids with grubby fingers can get in there, you know, especially at my house. Take this out and try this. Let's see.

Ooh, that broke really quickly. Let's try it like this. Okay. Okay. That was pretty good. Yeah. It's like it's pretty loosey goosey, but like if you pull at all on this guy, it's just going to break. But I actually don't think, move my laptop down, I actually don't think that if you put this on your faces going to break. It's like weird because I think part of the reason is these ear loops are way too big. I'm going to put this on and it's going to be too big. But if I pull just a little bit, so I'm going to give a construction on this of three stars. Oh, that one's a winner. That one's good. I'm still going to give, let me look at this.

Wow. I like these little, you can see this. This is a very fine weld on this. I like that. It's good. And the nose wire you can see is off centered. So yeah. I'm going to stick with my, my three stars. Let's try this on. Cause look, I tried bending it and I bent it not in the center because of that. Yeah. See, this is falling off my face. See that because it's just, there's too much give on this. So they're making it really big. Well, maybe I need to eat more. I don't know you be the judge. All right. I do the breath in here. This is not terrible.

I would say that this smells like a Italian sandwich, but I actually, I need to take that away because I actually just ate an Italian sandwich. And I think what I'm smelling is myself. So, that's a good sign. Let me, let me try to do, let me try to do a deeper dive into the smell. It's not bad. I'm going to give this smell a five stars actually. It's there. I can smell the plastic. It's there. It's like degrading a little bit, but man you have to really get into that sucker. That's good. Five stars. That's a good smelling mask right there. All right. Who cares about any of this crap? If it doesn't protect you so. Okay let's go ahead and start this.

All right. Let it rip. Now we're actually testing it. Man, I'm actually surprised like the construction. I'm going to actually change my mind on the construction. Actually you know what? Lets do this one more time. So the airflow resistance is 95/96. Because I like drama we're going to switch away from that. That's pretty breathable. You know, you want it to be under 150 and there's definitely a correlation between, you know the more breathable it is, the less filtration there is. So we'll see how well this does. Okay. I'm going to give it four stars. You know those first couple ones broke. I don't think it's so loose that I don't think it's going to fit on a, like a normal size face. So if you have a larger than average face, like you probably want these. But I'm so I'm going to give it four stars on the construction because I think it was being unfair.

All right, let's look at this listing here. So we got the Modenna not Moderna brand. 37,000 ratings. Like who's buying all these masks. Geez people 9.99. Great price. Let see if they're making any claims. There was no claims on the box. Imported. Nice. General use face mask. One size fits all. Don't know about that. I, you know me, I mean, well if's seen any of these you knew me like I like to complain. That's my thing. I like to be angry at things. And I got nothing to be angry about here. They made a pretty good mask. They were up front about everything. But, how's it going to test? Let's check it out.

All right. Breath ability 94/95. Now this is the efficiencies coming in at 93% in the United States. The minimum standard is 95%. So ASTM level one is going to be at 95. The maximum is ASTM level three. It's going to be 98%. If you a trick is to kind of look for an ASTM level three mask, generally speaking, that's a test as a machine like this, this is a particular filtration efficiency machine. It's coming in 93%. It's below standard. I would never wear this mask, but that said 93%. Really good construction. No smell. Except for my smell. Unless if you get this mask and it smells like, you know, an Italian sandwich, please write it in the comment. Maybe that's actually what it smells like. I'm going to give the value. I'm going to give it four stars. All right. Nice job. Modenna. Not Moderna.

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And then you could just do that back and forth all day. If you want to. That's weird though. All right. Well I'll see you on the next mask. It's a Saturday.

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Great video. Which (blue) mask do you suggest? Thanks!

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