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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back where we are testing every single mask in the free world. That's right. All the masks that you can get in America, right here, in our PFE machine, we are testing it for you. Today we are testing the Medicom SafeMask FreeFlow.

This is a really cool mask, but before I show you why, let's get it inside the clamp machine, the clamp-tastic 9,000, the clamp-anator, the clamp-alamadingdong. Those are all technical terms by the way. All right, let's let it rip see how this puppy does. Now, we bought this on a website specifically because someone who's telling me about how cool of a mask this was, I'll show you in a second, but I do want to show you where we got it from this a mask, a FreeFlow level two.

So they are saying, I mean it's made in China obviously, but it's like a legit that's been around for a while.

And I think it's like mostly for like dentists and it's got some really cool features, which I'm about to show you. So let's look at the box real quick, box is nice, not soft touch, but they're doing a pretty good job. These guys have been around since way before the pandemic ASTM level two. So they're making a claim of 98% or better, which we will test here using this machine. This machine is specifically tuned to test their claims here. So we'll see how it ends up turning out. What's interesting is that sometimes these manufacturers do a test one time, they get their certifications, they move on and they don't test for 15 years. That's one of the reasons why we bought this machine, so that we could test every single batch of mask, but not everyone does that. It's not sealed in a box or in a bag.

You know, I don't love that. But look at this, what, look at this BAMF. So first of all, you're going to notice an almost full tang nose wire. What? They're also putting an extra layer of what looks like a hundred GSM super thick fabric on the back end, because what they want do is give you like a nice fit on the top of your face. Then they've got this circular pattern here and look at this 1, 2, 3, 4 folds in the there, the whole point of that, is to, and I think they have a... I've seen them do a very good demonstration here, but it's to give you more breathing room, this is going to be a much taller mask than you normally see. And when you put it on, it's going to conform to your face a lot better. So the idea is, and that is really nice. I mean, if I could give them extra points like, but this is a great seal.

And then this circular motion here, what it's designed to do, is to give me a better seal here. So what you're going to find is that this mask, probably better than most surgical masks, is going to give you a really great seal and more breathable area, which just means it's just going to be a lot more delightful to breathe in. Right? But let's take a look at some of the more construction things, because it only has this sonic weld, this one area of sonic welding, just to kind of show it against another mask. They have... It looks like four different layers of small Sonic welding. That's going to give more... It's going to be stronger. And so if I pull it, it's going to open up like that. So that on the construction side, it's not ideal. That said, they did such a great job on the other stuff. I'm not going to dig them for that, but let's check out the ear loops. Those are great. I mean, if you really pull on it, it's going to break, but this is a good mask. Let's do the smell real quick.

Oh, the smell is actually kind of delightful. I'm going to call this a pharmacist office, medical, clean, not offensive 20 out of 20, 25 out of 25. All right. But does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you? Now, remember they're making claims on the website, they're making claims on the box, 98%, that's what they're claiming.

Are they going to hold up? Let's see. Nope, way off, now, granted we only tested one mask here, but this is pretty bad. 94.307, 94.307 for an ASTM level two or three mask, it's got to be way better than that. There's no way that you're testing this entire box. And that thing is coming out, smelling roses at 98%. That's my opinion on that. I think they're kind of phoning it in a little bit. That's bad. This is a medical product. They're making a claim. I think this is an FDA cleared mask and they're making a claim that it's 98% and it comes in at 94, that's not good. Ooh I don't like to see that. All right. Thank you very much for looking at this. If this was helpful, if you enjoy different masks designs like I do. And then seeing that, even though the design's amazing, they're failing you with filtration, then give me a like or subscribe or do not, you know, I'll just cry in the corner. There's a closet over there. It's my crying closet. That's what I use. So when I don't get enough likes, that's where I go. I'll see you next time.

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