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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome to yet another test where if you haven't found out already, we're testing every mask on Amazon. Yes, that's right. Every single mask on Amazon and the thing is they keep adding new masks. So you're not going to get rid of me that quickly. Neither are you guys, sorry. All right, today, we are testing the ever popular Maab. Can you help me? Help me out here in the comments, how in the heck do I say that? Masbhc, they literally like purposely put a B in an area where this makes it impossible to pronounce. Is this... What's going on? What are they, why are they doing this to me? I'm just going to call this the Memshalot face mask that has three layers of protection. All right, let's open this up.

So this is a really great looking box. It's very small, very compact for 50 masks and they did a great job packing it. Also, you guessed it. You need some soft touch. So, you know I like that. Actually. It's like half soft touch though. Look, I've seen softer touches. Okay. They've got right on the back here, the batch number and the date of manufacture. So this was manufactured right before Thanksgiving, it looks like. They've got this little thing on the top where you can pop it open, like a Kleenex box, which I like, that costs like three cents extra. We don't even do that, so. And I'm sorry, I'm opening it up. It's also sealed, sealed twice, double sealed, that's awesome. What a great deal. And wow, what great packaging. This is dope. I mean, this is like really well sealed.

So I'm going to open this up. Sealed again. This might be a banger. This might be, this. I'm feeling good about this mask. I'm feeling good about the Masbhc brand. They just need a better brand and look at how nicely they package this. This can only be done by hand. This has to be done by hand. And I've seen a lot of these factories. They're usually very, very clean looking. So, I wouldn't worry too much about that. But you can tell by the way that this is, this is not machine packed, this is hand packed. But whoever designed this process had a lot of care.

So this is a black on black mask. You try the ear loops out, it's pretty good. Here. Wow. Okay. Okay. It broke but I had to give it a good pull on that. Let me try it again. I mean, okay. It's not the strongest mask I've ever seen, but it's really good. I don't think that if you put this guy in your face that it would pop off ever. I don't think it would ever pop off.

It's got a nose wire it's a smaller than normal nose wire. It's really loose. So the ear loops are a little looser than I'd like it to be, which is going to give them a little bit more gap. And then it's also doing that thing that I don't like actually, wait, this is on me. Yeah. Just flip it around. I'm wearing it backwards. So you can always tell, you want to wear it. Let me just show this again. You want to wear it where the ear loops, and this is a really good quality mask, like the build on this is great. The ear loops are really a little bit flimsy, but like the build is great. So you want to wear where this guy's on the outside. That's very important. I would have to do like one of these like moves because the ear loops are too big, like twist it around or do one of those MacGyver mask moves to get a better seal. I don't like doing that. All right.

That smells like I spilled gas on my shoes last week. So like not very much. It's there, I can smell it, but barely there. So I would say that that's not too bad. I would give that probably in comparison to other masks on Amazon, I'd probably give that about four stars on the smell.

All right. So just rambling on, I've got to test this thing. The shot that everyone is excited about, because everyone's like, hey, when's he going to pinch his fingers in the hydraulic drop? Not today, Satan, not today. Let's give this guy a start. Oh, all right, so what we're testing here is particulate filtration. The machine takes about 10 seconds to warm up from the last test. So I'll just let you see a sneak preview here. So starting at 74, 75, that is not necessarily indicative of how it's going to end up though.

Airflow resistance actually pretty high, 135. Again, you don't want to be above 150 Pascals. You want be ideally closer to a hundred pascals. All right, so let's take a look at this listing here. This name. Why, why the B? What's with the B? Is it like somebody's initials or something? I mean, dang, $13.99. That's a great deal. Black mask. I'm trying to see the, yeah, it's the exact same box that arrived, which is great as what's being shown. So they're not making any claims on the box. Great packaging, you know, but does it protect you? We're going to find out, all right, let's take a look at this.

Wow. 98.4%. Holy crap. That's amazing. Again, you could really tell when a mask has that airflow resistance that's higher. The good quality melt blown is actually making it harder. So if you put on mask and it's like really, really easy to breathe, that's one way of knowing like maybe this melt blown isn't great, maybe it's not filtering things like the coronavirus.

So I'm blown away by this mask. Great quality. Pretty strong, can't pick up a truck with it, but yeah, okay, what do you want? And the smell, not too bad. And wow, I mean, great filtration for $13.99. That's a great mask. I think that if you're going to buy honestly, a Chinese mask, buy this mask, like this is a really great black mask to buy.

All right, thank you very much for watching. If this was helpful at all, if you bought this mask because of this video, hey, you know, this is a currency, YouTube is like, it's a currency and the currency is likes and subscribes. And look, I know that you're never going to watch another of these videos again. I don't care, YouTube doesn't care. It's the algorithm, we're fighting the algorithm. Help me out, give me a like and subscribe and we will catch you at the next mask.

Thank you very much.


The Masbhc disposable mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 98.41%. This 3-ply blue surgical mask has ear loops vs. head straps.

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 134.30.

This mask has slight odor, but it isn't unpleasant. Solid construction and good breathability mean you can purchase the Masbhc with confidence. 

We found this mask on Amazon. Its country of origin is China. Check out our video review for more details.

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