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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Thanks again for joining me where we are testing every single mask on Amazon and they keep making masks. They keep putting them on Amazon. So you are not getting rid of me anytime soon. Today, we are testing the very popular Jointown face mask.

These guys have been around for a long time. They were making masks before the coronavirus, supposedly good quality masks, never tested it before personally. Everyone's favorite part of the program where we see if Floyd is going to smash his fingers inside of this thing, which today I think is probably going to happen. I think today's the day. I did it. Nice try.
And let's give this guy a start or so, here's the box. This is not a soft touch box. So if you've watched my videos before, makes me very angry. Like why wouldn't they make it a soft touch box? I'll tell you why. Three or four cents. Sometimes it's those extra three or four cents.

Warning. These masks help protect against certain particulate contaminants, but do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection. I mean, it's great. That's a great disclaimer. So they're really, if anything, they're making anti claims. They got the, the Chinese address right there on the box. Let's open it up. I do like this feature. That's kind of nice but... And, and when it presents itself here, like you could tell, this is definitely manually packed. I'm going to open this up. Whoa, what's going on here? There's no quality certificate. Wow.

That's weird. That's not very Chinese. Well, that's not good. This is definitely a Chinese mask, it says right on the back. There is no quality certificate before, which I have literally never seen in China. If you're making masks, I don't care what kind of mask, you have to put a quality certificate in. That's not great.
All right. Let's try it out. Pretty good quality though. I could feel like it's going to break. Yeah. You could feel that it's going to... I don't... I think these ear loops are huge actually. Oh yeah. That's actually not good. Lets do this one here. Oh yeah. I mean, okay. I'm going to say the construction on this is probably... Yeah. I mean, I'm pulling, I'm pulling on this here, but can you guys, can you do me favor? Can you give me one of our masks? I want to, I want to be fair here. I'm going to give a same pull on one of ours. Cause I'm giving a good pull, but it seems like it shouldn't pop off like that.

This is one of ours. Yeah. I'm pulling really hard to get that happen. Like this... Yeah. Yeah. So, if I do the same thing on one of ours... Look, I don't think if you put this on your face it's going to break probably, but like it should withstand a little bit of a pull. So I'm going to give... With the box, the construction... Oh, I'm going to give this like a, I'm going to give this a pretty low rating. Let me give this like two stars.

Let's see if it smells. Put it on... So yeah, the ear loops are enormous. Look at this. The smell, this, I'm going to call this smell, I traveled in a cardboard box on the ocean because that's what it smells like. It literally smells like the inside of a cardboard box.

Now what is really surprising me about this particular mask is that the... It's like literally the most popular mask I have seen on Amazon. This brand Jointown, 91,000 ratings and it's $17.96. That's not a cheap mask. There are plenty of cheaper masks. All right, let's take a look at this, if they're making any claims. No claims on the box, this is a general use. It's not intended for medical use. I got to give them that. They're being upfront about who they are though. I respect the hell out of that.

So I'm going to move on over to the screen and you can see... There you go. That inverse relation there. So the airflow again was around 69. Very, extremely, super breathable, even more breathable because it doesn't fit against your face. But the efficiency is 80.593. That's insane. I think that is in the lower 5% of the masks that we have tested. So here we have a really high price mask... Super, super popular.

I think this has got to be the most popular surgical mask on Amazon. 91,000 ratings, smells like a cardboard box and 80% efficiency. Man, that's, that's horrible. Like that's, that's, that's really bad. I'm going to give this... I, I'm going to this guy two stars on the, on the, on the value. That's, that's not bad... Actually, you know what? I'm going to, I'm updating that. I'm going to go one star. Like for that price, like come on, that... There was a mask that we tested earlier that was, they gave you a dollar in free shipping. It was two dollars and 50 cents and tested much higher than this.

So, so if you just watched this, and you were about to buy the Jointown masks and you're like, wow, these things are terrible. I'm not buying them now. Then maybe you want to give me a like. I don't know. Or not. It doesn't really matter. It matters. It matters to me. All right. Thanks for watching. We'll catch you on the next test.

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