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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. That's right. We are back in Amazon. If you're watching these chronologically, easy for me to say. Today, we're going to be testing the who HUHETA mask. HUHETA. Which we have tested before on another video.

Maybe not this one, though. We bought all the masks on Amazon and they're different brands, so. All right, some of them were the same brands. Let's put it in the clamp and see what happens. All right. Got it? Good. This is a PFE machine: Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this works, check out that link. All right.

One other note, we are just testing the filtration and the breathability here. We are not testing anything else. We're not testing fit, and you need both fit and filtration to have a good mask. Let's take a look at the link here. So this is the HUHETA page. 6,000 ratings, which is really great. We have the black mask. One thing I just thought was hilarious though when I was looking at it is look at this family. Ah, yes. Health check, playing with the stuffed animal. They're not wearing masks. What the heck is this photo?

All right. Let's look at the box. Pretty basic box. Disposable face mask. It's disposable, disposable. Made in China. Not making any claims here. Sounds good. Oh wow, they're individually baggaged, that's so cool. Especially right now, if you've been vaccinated and you don't need to wear a mask, but in some situations, you go into a restaurant that's still requiring it, or like if you go on an airplane. I make masks, I use my own mask. We don't individually seal because it takes a lot of manual labor because it actually these have to be done manually one at a time. And so I just have a Ziploc bag of my masks in my bag, which is kind of lame. So it would be nice, to be honest, to have these individually packaged, we should probably figure that out.

Really great quality mask. Really great quality, actually. Look at that. They're doing the mask backwards, which I don't like, so that you get the black on the front. They should put the ear loop on the front and they're putting their ear loop on the back. What that's going to do is create an unnecessary gap here, which I don't like.

Let's try it on. Oh, HUHETA. Oh, that smell. I'm going to call this smell, "The reason we can't use plastic straws anymore", which is of course, something about turtles. It smells bad. And I hate using paper straws, so. We're kind of mixing a lot of metaphors here, but this is my show. You're going to take it. All right. Great quality mask, otherwise. Oh, we didn't do the ear loop test. Oh no, no, no, HUHETA? Oh, those ear loops suck. Yeah. Those ear loops suck. Dang it. I was liking this mask so much. Let me try the one thing, right. See if I can easily pull it off my face. Not easily. They're not going to break on your face, but I've just seen a lot better ear loops. All right. But doesn't matter if it doesn't protect you. Let's check it out. What does it say? What does it say? Now remember, minimum standards in the United States ASTM level 1 is 95%. They didn't make any claims, but still we want to see minimum standards in the United States, 95%. Oh, close, but no cigar. 93.742. 93.742.

I wouldn't use this mask because that even though they have the nice plastic wrap on them. Yeah, I mean, typically I'm trying to look for an ASTM level 2 or 3 mask, which is 98%, and this is obviously well below that. All right. Thank you guys so much. If you ended up buying these masks in spite of me, because you hate my opinions. You know what I would love a like or a subscribe. It'd be great. Actually, you know what? Give me a dislike because I'm just all about the engagement today. If you didn't like this video, just do it just... Engagement. And then change it later. Come back, set an alarm on your phone. Where is my phone? Hold on. Hey Siri, remind me to like Lloyd's video later. Siri sucks, doesn't she? She really does. Just ignore me. All right. Thank you. I'll see you... It did it on my computer. I'll see you later.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one that experienced these horrible masks. Do not buy them!!

MK January 26, 2022

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