HEB Blue 3ply Protective Disposable Face Masks by AAB

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back where we are testing every single mask in the world, in Amazon, in the universe. Is it possible? I don't know, but we're going to try it. We are some crazy people or at least I am. Today we're looking at the AAB mask, disposable face mask that is available at HEB.

If you don't know what HEB is, you should move to Texas. You just outed yourself. All right, let's look at the clamper. Wait, the clamper it's over here, but it looks like it's over here on the screen. Confusing. All right. Funny story at the beginning of the pandemic, before we were making masks, I actually bought these masks and I bought these masks because they were the only thing I could find anywhere. And you could still buy them on HEB's website. Let's let this guy rip. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency.

You want to find out more check out that link. All right. So, it's the beginning of the pandemic. Things are crazy. Is it transferred by fomites? We don't know.

We're scared. You can't get masks anywhere, HEB to the rescue and you can still buy them on their website for $15.42. Now HEB you're a Texas company, I have emailed you 96 times and you will not return my emails. Why don't you want a Texas manufacturer to be making masks for you? It's okay. You got AAB and maybe they're good. We'll find out. So, if I'm looking on the listing. I'm seeing great filtration PM 2.5 proof, which if you see that you know that they don't know what the they're talking about, because PM 2.5 proof is something that is 25 times bigger than the coronavirus. It would be useless if that's the case. Lets look at the box. I like the box. It's a soft touch shocker. I'm looking on here. If they're saying any claims. Doesn't look like they're making any claims.

PM two, anti smog, droplet proof, germ protective. Makes me feel good with the person on there. Open it up. Great boxes, white on white mask. It's got the quality certificate right there on the bag. Made in China. Okay, I'm going to open it up. It is a sealed bag. It's great, good job guys. Open this up. I have an affinity to these because I used them early on, before we were making our masks. It's very thin. It looks really nice. It looks nice. It's even. Very thin, ear loop though which makes me think it would break. It's a strong mask. I can break it. But dude if I... Ah, that was a bad one. Let's try it again. I'm giving it a good go. See. It's a good mask. I mean I got it for 15 bucks. It's good. Great nose wire. Put it on there. Looks good. Escaping a little bit because I was stretching out the ear loop.

Oh interesting. I am getting, I'm getting a little bit of a musty smell here. No, no. It's more like it's a cardboard plastic smell. So I'm going to call this the toy aisle at HEB. Little bit of plastic, a little bit of cardboard, I'm going to go, 15 out of 20 on that. I've smelled better. But does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you? I haven't looked at this yet. And shockingly, even though these were the first masks that I bought in the pandemic, I have no idea how well this test. I really should have tested this before, but I didn't. We're going to find out together. Let's do this. Holy!

My neck.

That's horrible. Really? These are the worst masks we've tested this quarter. 75.487%. So you could tell, I actually discovered it with you because that surprised me 78.47%. That is just, that's awful. Do not put that on your face. All right, HEB, call me. We've got some 99 percenters made right here in the great state of Texas waiting to go on your shelves. I'd love to work with you. That's actually the whole point of all the videos, the hundreds of videos we've promoted, have just been for this moment. They've been a Trojan horse to get our masks into your store. That's not true at all. We're just doing this live.

Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate this. Please email this video to every HEB store manager that you have ever met. If you go to church with somebody, if you saw one on the street, tell them about this video, let's do this Texas. We can do this. All right. Thank you very much. And I'll catch you on the next test.

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