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Video Transcript Today, we're going to be testing the evolvetogether Masks. Now this is the packaging that they came in, which actually I really like their packaging. Their whole brand is about being eco-friendly and stuff. So of course they have fully recyclable packaging. They've got this great, nice card in here. Medical grade masks for people that care.

The thing I don't like about this is it claims to be this FDA registered mask. And they had a spread in Fortune magazine, which was a beautiful article really well written. But it's stuff that's not true. It says, "We're made in a completely sterile FDA, registered factory." Sterile in manufacturing and sterile in medical devices is a big thing. It's a secondary process that you have to do.

You should not claim sterility. And there is zero chance that these are sterile. Our masks provide 98% bacterial filtration and 95% particle filtration. But they claim that their masks pass a European standard called Type 2R again, I'm nitpicking, who cares, right? But it's me, I care. I also don't like the fact that they're not transparent. They make you feel like if you go to evolvetogether's website, it makes you feel like you're buying something made in New York made in the United States. And that is not true. I asked it's nowhere on their website. I emailed them. I called them. Could not get a response, but it's here somewhere. And then, because you have to put on here non sterile, I get it. It's marketing. But come on, man. You don't have to say that. All right. Also, oh, this is an American mask.

Why are the dimensions and centimeters? Medical grade masks for people that care, these masks are not substitutes for medical or procedural masks, pick a lane. Is it medical or not? I want to know, geez, this is killing me. There it is made in China. Yeah. They got in tiny letters right there, made in China. Okay. It's fine. Everything's made in China. These cameras are probably made in China. I'm basically made in China. I'm not made in China. If it's made in China be upfront with it, don't pretend like you're made in America. You know what it is that they didn't do their homework. And they don't understand. I don't think that there's anything nefarious going on. I think that they don't understand, but the net result is confusion about masks in the market. The Fortune magazine article said these were the only available FDA approved consumer masks.

FDA does not approve masks. They clear masks. These are considerably available and they actually are FDA listed. And that's a lot of work to get done by the way I'm done. So this is a great quality construction. According to the Forbes or the Fortune article, the woman that made this is a designer and she is clearly very, very good. She has spent time perfecting this mask. Now the main differences are, you can tell this is white on one side and ours is full black. You also note that the difference between the two masks is this one is a little bit charcoally or something like that. Well, the reason that theirs is full black and ours is not full black is because ours is a medical device. It is listed with the FDA. It is a surgical mask.

And to be a surgical mask, you have to have a certain level of breath ability, because if you're going to wear this for 10 or 12 hours, you got to be able to breathe in and out. What they're doing here is they're using an outer piece of fabric that's about three to four times thicker than ours. So to get technical, this looks to be about 70 or 80 GSM grams per square meter. Ours is 25 GSM, is it means that it's a lot more breathable. That means you can breathe through it. In fact, we have to be under a certain level of breath ability or the FDA won't let us list our devices as medical devices. We get kicked to a consumer brand. So yeah, that's why I'm mad because they say that they're all this medical thing and they're actually not, because you could just tell by literally looking at it. Okay. Second thing. And you will see this with most Chinese masks. Again, this is white. What's funny. This is the front of the mask. This is actually the front, that is the front.

I know. Right? Well it does look like a front Lloyd, because the logo is on this side, well masks are designed with the weld to be on the outside. And the reason the weld is on the outside is because when the weld is on the outside, it gives a better seal. Fit and filtration are important. You got to have high filtration, but if the fit isn't right, then air will find a way around when you have these ear loops pulling from the outside, it gives it better fit. You see that? Now, but put this on. The ear loops are huge. Look at that. I'm not crazy right? That's a bigger gap, right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Yeah. And the reason that is, is because the welds are on the inside. So it's not pulling as much. It does look damn good though. Look at that. That is good. Yeah. I think it looks good.

Looks good. So what do you want safety or science? You pick. But don't say you're a medical mask, when you have several very, very boring technical things, granted that are not tech. And you could trust me because I am wearing a lab coat. Well, let's go ahead and test this bad boy. Now I'm going to give him a fair shot here. So I do have to open this up just a little bit, cause I want to test the actual fabric of the mask. The reason I'm doing this is this apparatus. When you breathe, it's breathing in a larger area and that's very important. That's why these masks have these folds in them, is so that it can give you a bigger area, a bigger filter to breathe through. So I'm going to maximize that filter. So we get a fair shot at the test.

Ow! Just kidding. Hurt a little bit. All right, let's do this. I've tested their mask before the filtration's pretty good. To be honest. I'm curious to see what it will be today. Again, if you watched our videos before it takes about 10, 11 seconds to warm up we're after the races, we're already hitting at a 91, 93, 94, 95%. Its good fabric, again, the breath ability is going to be a lot lower than ours is going to be, but it's a pretty decent mask. Now remember they claim on their website that they are Type 2R, which is a European standard, which Type 2R if you are. And that would be a medical device Type 2R has a 98% filtration. And they're right now around 96%. But we're not even halfway through the test. So we got a minute to go here.

On the bag however, and I actually didn't notice that, cause that was the first time I've read that detailed on the bag, but it was making me more and more angry as I was reading. It does say particulate efficiency, 95%. So it does say that on the bag, BFE, PFE 95% so that's what they're claiming on the bag. On their website. Again, they're claiming to be 98%, but that's only if you know the Type 2R standards and who would actually read those. But I mean, who would really read them? 95.8? We're almost done. We got five more seconds left 95.83%. Yeah, pretty good. Like I said, they're meeting what's on their bag. So they're true to the bag. The article, the beautiful, beautiful spread in Fortune.

Well They're not meeting that. So something's happened there. I don't know how their lab passed this at 98% when this machine is, and again, I've tested this before. So if you did stay to the end of this video, you must really like masks or you must be really bored. Thanks for watching.


The Evolve Together mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 95.83%. This 3-ply black surgical mask has ear loops instead of head straps or ties.

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 103.30.

This brand masks a lot of dubious claims on their packaging and in their marketing. Buyer beware.

We found this mask on the Evolve Together website. Its country of origin is China. Check out our video review for more details.

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