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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back. We are testing every single mask on Amazon and there are a lot. So if you were sticking with me, that is some form of dedication that I am not quite sure how to process because I wouldn't be here if I were you. All right, today we are looking at the standard ear loop face mask.

We've actually tested this one before because that's a very weird name. And I recall that but it's definitely under a different name here because the name is DXLOVER. That's the brand they're saying DXLOVER. It sounds like some sort of a rap group. What's up I'm DXLOVER. I don't know, I'll stop. All right, let's look at this freaking thing. So this is the standard ear loop face mask, which as far as brand names go, I like that because this is a brand name that's made for Amazon, but what's great about this name is that anybody could create a brand based on this name.

So basically you could have some sort of really good brand on Amazon by these masks. And then if standard ear loop face masks shows up, you're not going to really question it most likely. So what we're actually getting is several different colors. And I will say that the blue looks almost exactly the same. So it could be that you're going to get this, but just all blue, this one was multiple colors. It looks like packs of 10 and you're getting purple and white and black and pink, I guess. I'm color blind so I'm not really sure.

We're going to be testing the blue today. So what I don't... I love that it's individually packaged. That's awesome. Because you can fit in your Fanny pack or your holster if you're in Texas. But it's not sealed. So I don't love that it's not sealed because anybody could just come along. Some custom's agent, some CD customs agent comes along and he's like, Ooh, I want one of your masks.

Maybe he didn't wash his hands. Seems unlikely, I agree. And then the way this is packed, you can see it's all cattywampus here. I wonder if that's going to stand up with the ear loops here. Nope. Let's do it this way. These ear loops are not good. Yeah, that's oof. I'm going to give it a two on construction. I think that honestly these ear loops feel really be big. But I think that if you put some of these on, you're going to be in one of those situations, maybe you recently vaccinated, you go into JC Penney because that's where everyone goes, right?

And you put it on and the guy at the store's like, oh you got a mask, good. And then you're going to Sephora, which is where I go. And you're trying something and then boom, the ear loop pops off, super embarrassing. Hate it when that happens. That's probably going to happen with this mask. I can just tell by the way it... It shouldn't pop off that easily. Although I will say that the ear loops are very, very nice and high quality. Let's try it on. See what it feels like, see what it smells like. That's actually... It's a smell, but it's not bad. It's almost pleasant. It's like a little bit musty. It's like being, if you ever been to Home Depot, when they recently unloaded in the back where they have all their gardening supplies. It almost smells like freshly loaded gardening supplies, which isn't a bad thing, but it is a little musty because soil has that kind of musty smell. So it is a little bit, I'm going to give it four stars because it is a smell and it's kind of strong, but it's almost pleasant.

Let's test this thing and stop talking about it. Ow, I know that's why you're here. Start this guy up and see what happens. All right. So this is a particular filtration efficiency machine. We're going to put some information below the video to show what that means and show how we're testing this. First thing I notice the airflow resistance is really high. I've actually not seen a mask, I don't think that is a flat fold mask like this, that high 177 that's way too much, basically 150 is recommended by the standards. Not to go above 150. If it goes above 150, you can't really wear this mask for more than maybe an hour or two. This is going to be really, really hard to breathe in. So out of the gate, 176, 177 pascals, I'm not going to recommend this mask. It's just too hard to breathe. There are plenty of masks on Amazon that have a really great breathability. So the breathability really sucks on this.

Let's take a look at the listing itself again. So pretty generic here. Standard ear loop face mask, disposable face mask, protection, masks for protection, safety non-woven filter breathable, way off comfortable ear loops, mouth and nose because that's how masks work. $5.99, what did we pay for this? We paid $11.99 for it. So they're on sale. That's insane. I mean, Amazon charges you about $3 if you sell on Amazon, if you sell a pack of mask on Amazon, they're going to charge you about $3.30 to ship it. So they're making almost nothing. That means that they're dumping these masks. They're just trying to get rid of them. They probably have too many in stock. Let's go ahead and switch over to the testing machine and watch as we finish this out.

So you're seeing we're right above 94%. I don't usually like to do this because I like drama obviously. And I like to tell you at the last minute, but I already told you that this mask is not breathable. So you already like next, probably. 94.309% efficiency, so the minimum standard in the United States is 95%.

That's an ASTM level one mask personally, I'm looking for an ASTM level two or three. That's the trick. If you see ASTM level two or three, you're probably okay to buy that mask. That's putting it in the 98% effectiveness. And then it's just a question of breathability. So I'm going to give this mask. Well, it's a great value, but shoot, there's just so many better masks on Amazon. So I'm going to give it two stars, but that breathability, I don't know what is going on there.

They have some really weird [inaudible 00:06:16] for it to be that not breathable. Thank you guys for joining on this journey of mask testing one more time. And if you like this, if it was helpful at all, I would love a like or subscribe or not like I said before, you could always kidnap one of my kids or something instead of subscribing. It's an option, all right, we'll see you next time. Thank you.

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