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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Thanks again for joining. Today we are testing every single mask on Amazon even one that apparently is no longer available. Oh well, I guess you can't do that. I'm definitely going to waste the next four minutes of my life telling you about it. Anyway, even if you can't buy it... Because I bought it. That's why I'm trying to ROI on this. Okay. All right.

The name of this mask is DSBJ. I don't know what that means. So it's not a soft touch box which makes me very sad. It's actually soft touch lite. It's like they thought about making it a soft touch box and that thought infuse itself into the normal box. I think it's just a really sad one. They've got the batch number and the production date.

I think it's funny about these being unavailable on Amazon is... You can't make less than five million of these masks never heard of this brand. So someone went to the trouble making a box, putting the brand together, putting machines together, putting together a production system and it's not available anymore. It's sad. Just looking to see if there is any claims and there is no claims on this. So let's open it up. I love this. This is easy to open that's neat-o. Well, they always make these things that I can never open them correctly. Am I the only one? Ooh, nice. Look at that five individually packed things in here. That's great.

Wow. I like that and then this is done with a horizontal form filled packing machine or also known as a flow wrapper and then they folded it that's interesting. So we used to package stuff like this but it was a very manual process but actually that's a very interesting way to do it. Never seen anything like that. They've also got a number on here and maybe that means something but I like that this is a 100% sealed. That's great. Makes me feel good. Open that up. Take a look. So it's got a little bit of a bend in the process that happens from time to time. That's a really thick nose wire. It's a double nose wire. I think it's a double nose wire. This is a double nose wire.

Oh no, this is the second time I've seen this today. It's plastic. So this is a very cheap alternative to using extruded metal which is taking a galvanized wire and then putting a piece of plastic over it. So that it's hypoallergenic. This is just plastic. That's crazy. I can't believe I literally saw this for the first time today and now I'm seeing it again. It's like a very cheap way of doing it because you're not going to get as strong of a seal on the top of this.

Okay. This is very plasticky smell. Well, I've definitely smelled worse. You put this on your face. You're like this is not ideal and in fact that's what I would call the smell. Not ideal but not terrible. So it's actually a pretty good construction considering... I'm wondering, Ooh, that's not good. Yeah that guy just popped right off. The ear loops are very nice. They're thick. I'm giving it a good, okay. If you try to do a little bit, it's going to go but I'd probably say that the construction of this... I would normally give this construction probably three or four stars but I'm going to give it two stars because that plastic thing, it just doesn't give you as enough of a seal on the top but does that even matter if it doesn't protect you? Actually it doesn't matter because you can't even buy it. Right. Let's do everyone's favorite part where I try to not pinch my fingers.

Oh, come on, man. Almost did it. Ah, kind of got me there. Not going to lie and let's let her rip on this. All right so this is a particular filtration efficiency machine. What it's doing is it testing airflow resistance here and it's testing efficiency, it takes about 10 seconds to reset and you can see this number. This is going to change throughout the process. So I wouldn't pay attention to that. This number is probably not going to change that much though. We're at 120 and at a 120 I can tell you that is a not super breathable mask. And usually there's a corelation between the breathability and the filtration. So the higher the breathability, the lower the filtration, typically. 118, 120, what it's showing at now that's about what our masks test at and we test that at 98% filtration.

Let's go ahead and take a look at the actual listing itself. So listing here DSBJ, not sure what that means. At least I know that I can say it. Currently unavailable. Don't know... Only nine ratings, pretty high though 4.5 out of 5, 3-Ply Pleated... I'm trying to see if there's any claims that they're making and it actually says these disposal masks have a plastic nose clip and elastic. So they're telling you here upfront. If you see plastic, don't buy that. Do not buy anything that's plastic. It's not going to give you the proper seal. We actually use a double nose wire in ours that we ended up upgrading for that reason about it. Let's switch over to the actual machine and see how we're doing. So it has increased a little bit. You saw the being in the test it was about 60%.

Now it's at 75.615. Again that 75.615 is what the final result is. That is terrible. In terms of this style of mask it is the second worst mask that we have ever tested and the part that makes it really bad is the fact that it's not very breathable at least make it super breathable. The worst mask we ever tested was the paw patrol mask from Nickelodeon and I think it had efficiency about 70% but it had really great breathability. I think it was like 70 or 80 which for kids you could argue like you want us to be more breathable. You want them to wear it, man. That's not good. I would say even though you can't buy this mask, man, I'd probably give this guy like two stars. I would not buy this personally. There's just so many better deals on Amazon for you to go.

All right. Thank you. If you were looking for this mask specifically which is not possible since you can't buy it and you didn't buy it which is also not possible because I know you can't even buy it. So I guess like if you're just watching this because you must be really bored or something. I guess give me a like man or something or subscribe or don't do anything. I'm just glad that you're here. I really am. All right. Thank you. We will see you for the next test.

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