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Video Transcript All right everybody, thanks for joining us. If you're just joining us for the first time, what we're doing is testing every single mask on Amazon. Yes, that does cost thousands of dollars. Yes, you do need hundreds of thousand dollars in equipment to do these tests correctly. Yes, we are crazy, or I'm crazy, and you're mad at me for spending all those money. I'm not sure, but that's what [Oracio 00:00:23] is here for. All right, it's worth it.

It's worth it to educate the public.

That you got to educate the public. All right, today, we are testing disposable face masks. Disposable Mask of a 100 pack Face Masks for Women Men. All right, let's get disposable masks going here. Let's go ahead and test this, pull it out. Now, this is a PFE machine, particulate filtration machine. If you want to know more about how this machine works, I'm going to put a link right below this video so you can see. I'm not going to get into the details right now, but this is an American testing standard.

Inside the sealed bag, there is additionally sealed bags, which I really like. Obviously, we opened this so that we could get these in, but the presentation isn't ideal for this. So I'm going to go ahead and put this on. This is really great. Aww, let's give it another shot. I mean, it is great. It is like... Okay, it's not great, it's good. But it's just been downgraded to good, because these are breaking at a extreme... Yeah, okay. Let's try it on real quick.

Okay. I'm going to do the smell test at first. Okay, I want you to verify this for me. If I'm going to label the smell of this, I would label this as something's burning.


Something's burning. There's no claims at all whatsoever. So they're not claiming to have... "This product is disposable, should be kept flat. Air is not smooth." Hmm, that's deep. Air is not smooth. "Breathing is not smooth." Huh, is this a haiku? "Or sleep is not recommended." I'm not really sure what they're trying to get at. So there's no claims on this. Now, the American standard, ASTM level. When the minimum American standard for these types of masks, if you see surgical on a box, is 95% filtration. That's what this machine is designed to test. So what do you think that this one did?

Go with 88.

Dude, you're getting good. 89.227%. 89.227, so that's pretty good. It's not meeting the American standard, but there are no claims at all on this. And again, personally, I'm going to choose something that protects you a little bit more. But for the price, 89%, not terrible. Thank you guys for watching. Again, if you liked any part of this video, even Oracio's joke, please like and subscribe, it would help us a lot. And we'll see you on the next mask.

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