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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining today. We are once again, testing every single mask on Amazon. Turns out can't do it all in one day. It's going to take many days, maybe all of the days of my life. We'll never know. Today, we are testing a very special mask. When I ordered it, it was just like a generic name, but when it arrived... I'm just delighted by this brand name, Asia Masks Incorporated. That's just hilarious to me.

This just is probably not a great brand, but at least it's pronounceable. You know, a lot of these brands are like [foreign language 00:00:42]. It's like random letters or something that I can't put together. Look at this packaging. It's smooshed together. It's not in a box. It doesn't present itself exactly in the best light. Let's take a look at the masks.

This is what I call a diaper mask. I don't have a good reason for that except for like if you have kids, which I do, this reminds me of the stuff that holds a diaper together. It's not the typical ear loop straps. And what I don't like about them is that they're very easy to break. They break super easily, which isn't obviously ideal. Like if I'm going to put this guy on my face here, I would go to open it and then accidentally... it's probably like the weakest construction mask you could ever possibly imagine. I don't even have to like half try to break these things. I'm pretty sure that like my 11 month old, if he was just looking at it would break it, but he's also a very destructive person.

So, let's try this on and see what it feels like.I will attempt to gingerly, if you buy these, gingerly open. The reason they make them like this by the way is you can make... I think our machines make like maybe... Probably about 120 masks a minute with this design - it's actually very efficient to produce, which is why they're a lot cheaper. You can make like a thousand per minute, and I've actually seen this in real life. Walmart sells these. Walmart actually owns several machines. They can make about 25 million of these a month. So this is the mask that Walmart also sells. But this one of, of course, on Amazon. So let's try this on. You're going to be very careful when you open the mask so you don't break the ear loops. So I'm going to give the construction on that a zero, because I don't like that.

This is crazy. It like the nose wire is not conforming at all. It's not metal! Oh, what?! It's plastic. It's literally plastic. Wow. They're probably saving like a penny per mask making that. I have never seen that before. It's actually plastic. It's just plastic with, with this thing being a piece of plastic, plastic doesn't really conform this way. It's not going to give you a good seal. How do I even put this on? Do I do it this way? All right. So let's try this again. And you can see, look at that big gap. Actually, let's see if this will work. Can I do this? Oh, look at that. Ah, yeah. That's a great gap. See? There's no seal there. That's horrible. They're checking a box. It is a mask, but it's not going to give you a good seal, but the smell is actually not bad at all.

You know what it smells like? It smells like Best Buy in the morning. That's what I would say. Like you walk in to the Best Buy and they've got the nude DVDs on the shelves because people still buy DVDs, right? And it's just very like sort of plastic-y, but also not terrible. All right. So we are going to do the test now. Testing button, all this stuff. I know everyone watches this part just because they can't wait to see me pinch my fingers. All right, let's go ahead. And we got a new camera on this, letting this one rip. All right. So here's the listing. When we bought this thing, it was $6.50. It was about a month ago. Single use. I told you this mask can [inaudible 00:04:36]. Single use, pull-out comfort ear loop, disposable face mask, pack of 50, $2.49. What?! Let's see if this is shipped by Amazon.

So here's the thing about a $2.50 mask. Amazon charges you, I know this, the minimum they would charge you to ship masks is about $3.30. So whoever's selling this is either A) losing money, or B) losing money. Why are you selling this for $2.49? This defies all logic. Looking at the screen, 85%. 85%. So that's pretty bad. Although, for $2.50 which is less than free, they're actually giving you like a dollar in free shipping. Okay. It's like literally, if you buy this, Amazon is giving you a dollar for free. So... for getting this for free. I mean, I don't know, I got to give that value, like two stars, even though the construction's terrible, the lack of nose wire is amazing - like just wow, what an innovation at a front. And you know, the efficiency is 85%. That's pretty bad.

So I guess if you have gotten the vaccine and you're looking to check-y box and go into a store, this would be a great mask for you. Okay, thank you guys so much for joining. Love when I'm surprised here, if this was entertaining at all, or even if you just really hate to look at my face, give me a like. I mean, come on, I've got to go out in the world like this - give me something. I need it for my ego. Just please, a like. Have a good one, I'll see you at the next test.

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