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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we are testing every mask in the world. That's right. All 7,942 masks. Today we are looking at masks from India, which is really exciting. It's a whole new world. And specifically the at Arcatron Mobility mask.

We'll get that in a second, but let's put it in the clamp machine. Shall we? I need to redo the angle on this. So I'm barely, barely getting the clamp on here. Okay. Did it? This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this guy works, check out that link. Important note. We are testing the material here, which is the breath ability and the actual filtration properties. We are not talking about fit. It's a whole nother thing. You need both to have a good mask. All right. So what is this mask? Let's take a look at this.

You can buy this on their website at This, these guys look like they make wheelchairs mostly. And I think during the pandemic, they were like, we can do masks too. And they did. One of the best three ply surgical masks in India. We shall see about that. I think the record so far is 96% filtration from all the masks in India. And one thing, I love the made in India logo. Like I love the made America logo. Yeah. Number one, for sure. But that's a bomb logo there with the tiger or the lion. I mean I can get down with that. Okay. Interesting. This is the first mask that has claimed PFE. PFE of 95%, which is weird because that's not part of an Indian standard. So, a class three mask in India will have a PFE, which is what you're looking for of 98%.

It's just like ASTM level three in the United States, throwing a lot of numbers and stuff out here after you. But if you were in India, I would look for a class three mask. Let's take this out real quick. Oh my gosh. These guys claim to do the best mass in India. I might agree with them, depending on what the machine says, because this is the first time that I've opened a box and it's been in plastic. Thank you Arcatron Mobility. Arcatron? Arcatron? I'm so bad with names. Who put me in charge of this? It was me. All right. So usually you open it up, a box in India, and it's just masks. I don't love that. Okay. This is a very weird mask. Oh, I'm looking at it, oh, they did it upside down. Okay. So you want the welds to be on the outside because it, it will give a better fit against your face. And they did it backwards for some reason. So, that's kind of interesting.

Oops. Okay. This is weird too. Look at that. I know don't why they did this. There's no welds right there. That's weird. Because welds don't cost you anything and I don't know why that is. The nose wire is not centered. So, and the construction's, it's pretty sloppy to be honest. This is a pretty sloppy construction. Let's see how good the, that is... I gave it a good, that's actually not terrible. That for whatever reason, the mass that we've tested so far in India, like I've had really bad welds. This is probably the best one. It's still unacceptable. I mean look at that.

Let's try the smell. I mean, that's actually delightful, to be honest. In fact, I'm going to call this a delightful smelling box. That's right. Delightful smelling box. Not bad at all. Actually for the most part, the mask we've gotten from India smell really great for whatever reason. Let me do this. Yeah. Look at that. That's not good. That nose wires terrible. Or that ear looks terrible. All right. But does any of that subjective stuff matter if it doesn't protect you, let's check out the machine. I haven't looked yet.

Oh gosh. I'm glad we saw that together because that's really bad. That's really bad. 68.437. 68.437. Not the worst masks that we've seen in India because we've seen some bad ones, but that's pretty unacceptable. I mean it's still better than a cloth mask, so... But their little claim here. Oh it, it says one of the best.

Okay. One of the best three. I still, I don't agree with that. We've had plenty that have been above 90%. Minimum standard in the United States, remember is 95%. That's an ASTM level one mask. We'd like to look for ASTM level two or three, which is 98% or better. And that's going to match with a class three mask in India, which is what I would look for if I were in India. So I would not recommend this mask, but I do recommend that you give us a like or subscribe.

That was really not very smooth. All right, I'll catch you on the next test where we will, you know, let's keep it going. Let's do some more masks from India. These are exciting. Thank you so much. We'll catch you then.

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