Armbrust FFR AA-1976 Cup-Style Mask

Armbrust FFR AA-1976 Cup-Style Mask

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to where we are testing every single mask in the world. They're very excited to test are not N95s. Whoops, not N95 masks. We have been working on our NIOSH Certification for a year. The average amount of time, actually it takes about two years.

We're still money ahead, if we can get it soon. And if you go on our website, you're going to find that we're not actually selling it. There's a reason for that, because we want to wait till we give you that pure certified goodness. But I'm going to test the mask anyways to show you what it's like. This is our AA95, it is not an N95. None of these videos or statements have been evaluated by NIOSH for accuracy, so that's my little disclaimer there. Let's take a look at the actual product here.

You're going to notice that this setup is a little bit different. When you open the box of a N95, typically you are going to see in a bag, but it is not going to be sealed. The reason for that is, when you apply heat, especially to a cup style respirator, it can actually change the formulation and hurt that N95 goodness that you're paying for. The same thing does not happen with a surgical mask for a variety of reasons, hashtag science. Let me show you the different setup that we have going on with this. Now, this is not the way that NIOSH would be doing this test. Let's just say their test involves bees wax. I don't like getting dirty, so we're not going to be using the bees wax today. This is a modified setup. It's actually 3D printed that allows us to do quick changes and because of that, the test is a little bit different. But we're doing the math, so that everything comes out the same. So you're just going to have to trust me or not.

Put this guy in the clamp right here, let's let her rip. This is a PFE machine, we're testing particulate filtration efficiency. If you want to find out more how this set up is different than the other tests we've been doing, check out that link right there. One thing I'm going to show you real quick here is the airflow resistance. That is going to be a lot higher. The reason why it's a lot higher than our surgical masks, is because quite frankly, N95s are harder to breathe in. The reason is, is giving that full seal, not letting anything in. And when that happens, because also it's got this cup style respirator. We have to put this cotton structure on the outside that gives you more a breathable area, because that's actually harder to breathe in and heating and all that changes this.

NIOSH standard is below basically 250 pascals and we are meeting that as you can see. But our surgical masks are going to be under 130, so they're a lot easier to breathe through. So that's why, if you're in a situation like with Delta and all this stuff, reach for that N95. It's going to give you better protection. Also, going to be harder to breathe in. I want to take a look at our website. You cannot get these on Amazon. You go to You're going to see we have them here year. Actually, Mark's sold out right now, because we really let our investors buy them. And again, we're just waiting to get the full certification from NIOSH, before we actually really start selling them.

You can see them on their website. The exciting thing is part of this N95 series, is I'm testing all the N95 masks that are American made. That you can also buy on our website, because we've been partnering with the best N95 manufacturers. Let's go back to the box for a second. So first thing you're going to notice, soft touch. Beautiful. Love it. NIOSH is a lot about how you do things in the worst case scenario. They're making it so that you really have to show every single piece of this, how you put it on. Also, you're going to notice on every single panel, this is not an N95 mask. Because again, we're waiting to get that full certification before sending these your way.

Let me try this on. The other thing is different about N95 mask is that they're going to have these head straps. Head strap is going to give you much better seal. Now, we're just talking about filtration here in this video. We're not talking about fit, but NIOSH cares deeply about fit. And when you put this on, you want to pinch it. It's got a nose foam in there that to help give you that seal. If you have hair like I do on your face, you're not going to get a good seal. Sorry. So if you're in a dangerous situation or want to work in a COVID ICU, shave your face, stop being lazy. Looking at you, Lloyd.

The other thing that it's crazy about N95, why do they cost so much? Because every single one has to be hand tested. I'm not kidding. This thing right here is not going to break like you would normally get in a surgical mask, which is just basically a 100% machine made. We actually have to have people in our lab, testing every single one of these. That's the other thing you're going to see with N95 is they should be a lot better quality. You're not going to see a lot of those breakages. But again, like I always say, does any of that stuff matter if it doesn't test well?

What does the test come across? Kind of give you a preview, before I was cheating. There you go. Now again, NIOSH wants this to be 95% or better. We're using sodium chloride, NACL or salt to do the test here, which is different than our latex particles in our surgical mask test. That's pretty good, 99.69%. Airflow resistance is a lot harder to breathe in, but dang, it's a pretty good mask, if I do say to myself and I do. Thank you so much for watching. Do stick with me on the next couple of tests that we do, because we're going to be looking at all of the American made N95 masks. Very excited. I'll catch you on that next test.


The Armbrust FFR AA-1976 cup-style mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 99.69%. A defining characteristic of N95 and N95-style masks is they have either head straps or head ties (no ear loops). 

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 212.12.

This mask has no detectable odor. Because Armbrust has applied for (but not yet received) NIOSH certification, the FFR AA-1976 hasn't been officially certified as N95. It will likely not appear for sale until it has been.

This mask's country of origin is the USA. Check out our video review for more details.

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