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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me. Today, we are testing masks as usual, but we are doing something a little bit different. Normally, we're testing masks that we buy on Amazon, or maybe you sent me a mask and I decided test it. But today, we are testing a very special mask. We are testing the $86 million mask that Biden and the White House paid for underserved communities. How do I know this? Well, recently, it was announced this company, Parkdale Mills secured this contract for these masks. What's crazy to me is that they are hiring 5,000 people to fulfill this contract.

And you have mask manufacturers who are making medical masks in the United States that are being laid off or that are laying people off. And here we are buying cloth masks, which seems just crazy. So I said, "I got to try this mask." Now, if you go to Parkdale Mills' website, they recently stopped selling the mask. As soon as they got the contract, they stopped selling the mask. But I was able to find it and I got it here in my hand. So I bought it from this place called ComfortMarket, Parkdale Mills Three-Ply Washable Face Mask. I've got it here in my hands. It was actually very expensive. It was $11 for a single mask or maybe 10 bucks. And then the shipping was 10 bucks. Geez.

Comes in a regular envelope like this. And when I open it up, literally, there wasn't even anything in the package at all. All right. So I'm going to put this on. It fits really nicely. It actually fits very secure around the edges here. So that's great. It's getting a good fit. Okay. Hit it. Go [inaudible 00:01:46]. The $86 million test, here we go. Final result, 17.78%. 17.78%. This is what happens when a governmental body makes a decision without consulting scientists. Honestly, I know Biden has done so much for the coronavirus, but this is a terrible idea. And we just spent $86 million on this as a country. And we're going to give this to poor people? There's something in there that just isn't right.

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In these unprecedented times, the demand for face masks has skyrocketed, leading to a shortage in supply. However, amidst this crisis, small brands have emerged as the unsung heroes, stepping up to produce reusable face masks. These innovative and socially conscious companies are not only meeting the needs of individuals but also contributing towards a sustainable future

Planet Halo Health June 30, 2023

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