BNX N95 Respirator Vertical Folding Headband Style

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript All right, this is actually really good. This is important. We tested an American-made mask called the BNX KN95, and it didn't have a good score. The reason that I pulled the trigger on getting this machine and spending another a hundred thousand dollars on this is because I was suspect about the test score. I think we gave them a 92 or something like that on their KN95. They sent me their N95 and they say it's the same exact thing as their KN95 expect for it has head straps instead of ear loops. Here's their N95. This is the packaging. It's very, very simple packaging. They're based in Houston, not too far from us. I think they opt for the simple packaging because they're actually one of the more affordable American-made N95s out there. And look, I mean, if you want to pay for packaging, you can do that. If you want to save some money, you can go with something like BNX. Probably, if it's an N95, it's still going to score really well, and that's what we're here to see today.

Let's put it in the clamper. I think it will be okay with the nose wire right there. I'm going to have to take the nose wire out. Sometimes, it's right on the place where I want to smush things. Before I did the BNX, I just bought their masks on Amazon. They had a KN95, and all their markings were correct. And I was actually very excited to see a legit KN95 on Amazon that was American-made because I thought we had the only one, but then it didn't pass the score. I think it got a 93 and then the breathability wasn't right, and so then I was not happy. But, it just looked like a really quality mask. That looks good. And they said, "Hey, we have an N95." Nash does not mess around. They certainly don't. They said, "I think it's you, not us." Fair. That's why we're doing this test today. All right, and thank you, Adam, by the way, the CEO of the company, for sending these to me and being so nice and patient with us while we got our lab back online.

All right, now again, this is the head strap version so I'm going to do a test on the head straps. This look insane. Look at that. Dude, this is incredible. Oh my gosh. That is one of the strongest head strap. Probably the only head strap that's stronger than that is PHG's. That's insane. Right, let's put this on. So embarrassing. Oh wow, I did that poorly. It's a little looser than I want it to be, to be honest. Nose wire is really nice. Cut that open a second ago. Fits pretty well. Smell like the inside of a corrugated box probably because the packaging is a little thin. It is a barrier packaging, but it looks like maybe three mil, so some smells can maybe get through that. Not bad though. Actually, on the scale of smells, it's almost delightful. Approaching delightful. All right, but does that matter if it doesn't protect you? Now remember, the last time that I did one of their masks, their KN95, it did 93%, and the breathability was really not very good either if I remember correctly.

What does their N95 say? Let's do this. 99.56%. Wow. 99.56%. And look, my flow rate went up a little bit, so it was a little bit more of an aggressive test. And oh my goodness, 79.3 PA. That is super breathable. And actually, when I have the mask on, it's a little looser than I wanted to be like I said but it is super breathable. This is a great mask. I would actually recommend this mask. What does this cost? It's like $2.50 I think on Amazon per unit, which is pretty good. We're going to add this to our database right away. Thank you, guys. Thank you, Adam and the folks at BNX for being patient with us. Really good mask.


The BNX N95 Respirator is a white, flat-fold mask. It passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 99.56%. The airflow resistance of this mask is a respectable 79.3 pascals. The head straps are incredibly strong, the fit is pretty good, and its cardboard box smell is negligible. Made in America.

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I wear the black BNX in boat/fish style often. I tie tiny knots on each head strap for a tighter fit. I didn’t realize Lloyd had tested a BNX and that gives me even more confidence… Maybe Armbrust could stock these now that Project N95 is toast. Love to give Armbrust my business. Thanks!

Kate December 16, 2023

This mask in black is my daily driver.

The nose bridge wire is strong enough to hold it’s shape but doesn’t dig in. No noticeable odor, holds up well, the shape holds and the sides don’t get too floppy or frayed beofre it is time to change to a fresh mask. Straps usually hold (though we try to always have a backup on hand, just in case!)

Over all, really like this mask and happy to be supporting American workers!

Plus, there are three size options and multiple colors.

Kit November 24, 2023

I started using this mask a week ago and it is great. My experience matches the tests and best of all, it fits great. Breathability is better than the surgical style masks I have been using. I try to buy masks made in the US, and this one is great.

Mark June 01, 2022

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