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Video Transcript This is pretty cool. This is blox. A guy by the name of Gary P. Warren, I believe - oops, I didn't do the unboxing right - sent these to me. It's a new American manufacturer. This company called ivWatch, I-V, like an IV drip. These guys really, from what I can tell, know what they're doing. I have not tested this mask yet. I'm very excited to. They got an over wrap, which we're now doing on some of our boxes, which I really like because it's sealed. This kind of pack, yeah, it's really thick, so this kind of thing is not going to let any smells get through. Not a soft touch box, but we can't all be perfect, Gary. It's called Blox TM. Great box. This is a surgical N95, so that means that... So right now, N95s are being used in hospitals even if they're not surgical grade.

This being surgical grade allows it to be used in a hospital. Whoa, that is a really cool nose wire. Look at that. It's like a... Is that blue? We're going to have to cut that open. They've got their name and everything right there. 35 people watching. Wow. Hey, guys. Welcome. That's more than we had before. All right. So it doesn't look pretty, but I promise that's the right way to do it. And we're doing the test. All right. So let's talk about the blox, an American-made N95. It's the duck bill style, a little confusing. A lot of people don't know, when they first see this, how to put this on. It's going to have actually two straps in there. So what you're going to do is you're going to put this on here. Kind of small. Okay, I'm no longer demoing this correctly because this looks horrible.

It's kind of small for me, to be honest. Oh, no. It fits. Yeah. It's good. Oh, yeah. That's good. Oh, my gosh. This smell is like a day at the ice cream parlor. It doesn't smell like ice cream. It smells like an ice cream parlor. Huh. Interesting. Top of the head, very important. That nose wire is amazing. Fits really well. The duck bill style has the added bonus of making you look like a duck, but is... I mean, you look ridiculous, but it is like one of the most breathable because you're getting all this surface area to breathe out of. And Josh is over here trying it because he's obsessed with duck bills. This is really great construction, really great construction, super breathable. I love this mask. I love this mask. Wow, Gary. Someone @ Gary. I think it's Gary P. Warren on Twitter. Someone reach out to him for me. Let him know. I just tested his mask. This is super cool. Look at this. This is the nose wire. It's very thick. I like that. All right. But does that matter if it doesn't protect you? What does the machine say?

Hey, 99.44. 99.44. Holy crap. We're getting better and better today. 68.6 pascals. That's super breathable. Yeah. This is a great mask. Good job. Gary never made masks before. He made masks as a response to the pandemic. This is a great mask. Thank you for sending these to me, good sir. We'll put these on our website.


The BLOX Surgical N95 Respirator is a white duckbill-style mask. It passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 99.44%. The airflow resistance of this mask is a terrific 68.6 pascals. Its odor is very slight but pleasant, like how it smells when you walk into an ice cream parlor. It’s super breathable, well constructed, and American-made.

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68.6 Pa pressure drop is unlikely. It is .07% of an atmosphere, which is
101,325 Pa. Mouth breathing will have a bigger pressure drop than that.

Walker Sloan April 06, 2023

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